This is really random and pointless…..

Cookies to anyone who can tell me who this person is ^_______^

EDIT: Haha, it’s Heechul XDD Cookies to qiguai and erica ^_^ I photoshopped Heechul’s face into ShinAe’s picture from her new drama, I adore her dress and the pipa, so pretty <3333 Thank you to all who commented and guessed 😀 I guess I should have made it clearer that I was asking who the photoshopped person is ^^;




  1. kaye said

    Shin Ae. 😀

  2. qiguai said

    it looks sort of like you mixed heechul’s face… or eyes i suppose… with the background picture of the girl holding the guitar thing (pipa?) but i don’t know who the asian woman is.

  3. mrckdexter said

    It looks a lot like the pictures of Shinae in her new drama… But the face…

    Okay – who is that?

  4. erica said

    From the eyes seems to be Heechul!

  5. elleee said

    LOL no idea ><
    is it a guy tho ? XD

  6. mimiejay said

    no idea but doesn’t she look like ShinAe? I totally thought it was her!

  7. ayay said


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