SHINee~ Repackaged Album Pre-order + “AMIGO” Download ♥


SHINee (샤이니) ★ The First Album [Repackage]

ALBUM TYPE 1st Album (Repackage)
RELEASE DATE 2008.10.24
GENRE Pop / Dance
RECORD LABEL SM Entertainment
BUY IT YA North Am. / YA Global
Download (4.09 MB @ 192kbps) Mediafire Link

Credit: YWH@lj

K-pop’s hottest newcomers of 2008, SM Entertainment’s newest creation SHINee blazed through the charts in September with their first full-length album SHINee World. Their hit song Love Like Oxygen reached No. 1 on M! Countdown and received the Mutizen Award on SBS Inkigayo, remarkable achievements for a group that debuted less than half a year ago. Now the popular teen boy band is releasing a repackage of their first album containing all 12 songs from SHINee World, plus three new tracks.

SHINee’s new single Amigo comes with double meaning. In Spanish, the title means “friend”, and in Korean, it is a shortened version of “You suffer if you love a beautiful woman”. Once again a collaboration with Xperimental Music, Amigo is a groovy, beat-heavy dance track written by Yoo Young Jin, who also wrote the group’s earlier The SHINee World (doo-bop) and ROMANTIC. The other two new tracks are Forever or Never and a remix version of Love Should Go On featuring rap from Min Ho and Key. All their SHINee World hits like Love Like Oxygen, urban R&B number One For Me, and Jong Hyun’s solo track Y Si Fuera Ella are also included in this repackage album.

Credit: yesasia

Ahhh, count on SM to release a repackaged version with 3 NEW SONGS to get our monies XD Just to clarify, it’s “Cold, Heart, Baby” and “Cold, Eyes, Baby” instead of “Cold, Hot, Baby” and “Cold, Ice, Baby” XDDDDD For some reason I find that mis-heard lyrics really amusing XD;;; There seems to be a mix reaction to the release of Amigo, I for one like it very much. The beginning is funny, the shouts of “AMIGO” sounds fabulous, and the rapping is amazing @_@

Honestly, SHINee can’t keep the baby, cute image forever (even though many noona fans want them to) and I think us fans should allow them a chance to mature with their song ^^ This song isn’t as catchy as Love Like Oxygen for me, but there are definitely highlights in there that makes me adore this song ^^~ I can’t WAIT to see this performed this Sunday on Inkigayo <333333 SHINee Hwaiting~



  1. Hiromi said

    Yaaaay thanks for the download link!! :DDDD
    The live was simply amazing, they improved a LOT *____*
    Hahah if only I could spend money on every single/album they released ;-;

  2. yana said

    yaeH!!! shinee first album had out!!
    but i allreay had the mv.. A.MI.GO!!

    they are really hot…
    especially taemin.. he changes!! from cute to. hansome man!!

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