JJ Lin~ {Sixology} Full Album Download ♥


林俊傑 (JJ Lin) ★ 陸 (Sixology)

ALBUM TYPE 6th Album
RELEASE DATE 2008.10.18
RECORD LABEL Ocean Butterflies Music Pte Ltd
BUY IT YA North Am. / YA Global
Download (68.63 MB @ ~320kbps) Sendspace

01 Sixology
02 不潮不用花錢
03 小酒窩 (Feat. Charlene Choi)
04 黑武士
05 醉赤壁
06 由你選擇 (Feat. FAMA)
07 Always Online
08 街道
09 主角 (Feat. Machi)
10 我還想她
11 點一把火炬
12 期待愛 (Feat. 金莎)
13 愛與希望 (Sichuan Earthquake Relief)

Credit: YWH@lj

MV Listing~

♥  JJ Lin 林俊傑 – 不潮不用花錢
♥  JJ Lin 林俊傑 – I Still Miss Her 我還想她
♥  JJ Lin 林俊傑 – Little Dimple 小酒窝

Singer-songwriter and producer JJ Lin is preparing to celebrate his sixth year on the music scene. Coincidentally, the talented music artist from Singapore has also completed his sixth full-length album. Sixology sees him collaborating with well-known artists like Mayday’s Ashin, Fama, and Charlene Choi from Twins. “Black Fighter” (Track 4) is a rock tune that teams him up with Ashin, while “The Choice Is Yours” (Track 6) sees him performing together with Hong Kong hip-hop duo Fama. Other highlights on JJ’s latest release include the duet “Small Dimple” with Charlene Choi, the Olympics torch relay song “Lighting A Torch” (Track 11), the Sichuan relief song “Love and Hope” (Track 14), and the CM song Always Online.

Credit: yesasia

Man, I finally found a contemporary Chinese singer that I like 😀 I can’t believe how much I like him actually, I only found his music a few days ago, but have fallen head over heels for his music and himself, that guy is too cute and amazing 😀 @_@ and HEY, I can understand what they are saying, FOR ONCE XDDDD The MVs are soooo adorable  ❤ “I Still Miss Her” is a classic, love story that ends in tragedy, but shows that love really never dies. “Little Dimple” just want to make you go ‘awwwwww’ at the adorableness of JJ Lin and Charlene Choi together. It’s like *pinch-your-cheek* adorable ^^ I LOVE how they can act like this, together, in an MV, and not have to worry about rabid fangirls .__. and they truly look so happy together XDDDD

Oh oh, if you are a new fan of JJ Lin and want to see a darker side/don’t mind creepy stuff, check out his song and MV “杀手 (Killer). I love this song because of its deep meaning and the beautiful-ness of the lyrics and the dark, twisted, story plot. There’s also a 20 min short film that you can watch that’s basically a story version of 杀手 and explains why he did what he did. If you are interested, here’s Part 1 and Part 2. Just a warning though, this MV and short film is very very dark, so it’s not recommended for anyone who doesn’t like blood/gore/killing/disturbing stuff ^^ Enjoy, and I hope you like him as much as I do 🐱



  1. jiyanz said

    lol you know what? i found review about sixology in so many kpop blogs..i wonder why? hahaha..i’m a huge fan of JJ..he is plain awesome and is also a talented musician 🙂 i’ve been loving him since he debuted and still loving him..he’s perfect for me T____T

    and…i love korean songs too…especially BIG BANG and SHINee..haha and it’s amusing how i find my hubbies all around here haha~

  2. jenny said

    omgsh i must agree w/ you im currently addicted to jj’s sixology album and big bang’s remember album xD gotts say you have great taste in music =)

  3. lovemelodies said

    hehehe, it’s because JJ is too awesome to be not included in kpop sites 😀 He is very very talented, and I’m so happy I finally got to try out his music ^^~ Ah, yes, all your hubbies are here, but they are my hubbies as well! XDDD jk, jk 😀 Thanks for visiting ^^

    Isn’t his music awesome? 😀 Awww…thank you ^^ You have great taste as well, I hope you enjoy the music 🐱

  4. Kei said

    Ah~ ❤ Thank you. 😀 He looks adorable!!

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