BoA “Eat You Up” {Asian MV + American MV} ♥

BoA ‘Eat U Up’ (Asian Version)

Credit: xkirakunix @ youtube

BoA ‘Eat U Up’ (American Version)

credit: sjjws @ youtube

I can go on and on about the difference between them (aka how bad and tasteless the US version is compared to the Asian version) but I don’t think it’s necessary, since you can see the difference clearly yourself ^^

BoA’s first time in mainstream America with debut song “Eat You Up” has received good responses in the U.S. as well as Italy and Japan. On October 22 (Korea time), BoA’s “Eat You Up” was #2 on U.S. iTunes’ dance “Top Songs” and on Italy’s and Japan’s iTunes dance “Top Songs” as #1.

It has also been announced that BoA’s promotional video will be shown on the big screen in New York and Los Angeles to promote activities. Starting November 14 (U.S. local time) the public will be able to watch highlights from Cha Eun Taek’s version of the “Eat You Up” music video on a large screen installed on Broadway in New York and Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. It will be shown every two minutes in NY and LA from 7am to 10pm to continue exposure and focus on local interest of the population in the U.S.

The large screen is to be up for 3 months, as well as a variety of other images that are still disclosed.

Source: Newsen

^ This is really really cool, and I think it’s a great way for Boa to get more exposure to the American public (thank the gods above and below that they are showing the Asian version -.- ). I kind of want to go to NY or LA to see these, and I sure hope fans who do get to see them can post up pictures ^^ I can’t wait for the digital single to be officially released on CD. Boa Hwaiting~



  1. tin said

    for my opinion, the american version her mv is just trashy. -_____-”
    i like the asian one. it’s way better than the other one. [y]

  2. Aj said

    I Just love BoA’s music

  3. WithVampire said

    I think the us version has WAY TOO much green screen affects, and it comes off as if they are trying to force what comes natural of BoA. Im happy that they are going with the Asian version, its so much better.

    Im going to try and spot BoA’s video on wilshire blvd and take a picture. I think I already know where on wilshire its going to be. I tend to drive down that street every other day, and they already have a huge tv screen up on the street, it’s been their for a while (over 6 months) so maybe they will play it there >.<

    I hope so 🙂

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