[MV/PV Jap] Rokkugoロクゴ ~SuperJunior-Trot & モエヤン(Moeyan)

Credit:chocomintea @ YT

LMAO, this is crack-alicious!!!! The beginning elevator dance just made me ROFL, maybe we all can do that next time we’re in the elevator! <3333 Dancing to rokkugo sure is a good way to release stress. xDD Their dancing are just so adorable, and Heenim looks incredible w/ his new haircut. and 1:04……HAHAHA, what ARE you guys doing huh? Teukie is so KAWAII, like a little kid bouncing around happily. Shindong ah shindong, always so funny. w/ his new bowl haircut and that giant red bow tie, so cute! The little cartoons at the bottom crack me up and Moeyan did a FANTASTIC job, nice vocals and comical effects. The ending pose just PWNS!!!

p.s. ROFL, I just noticed the 2 face on the ’65’ the second time, haha Moeyan.


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  1. Hero said

    Tank you Always!! for the sharing
    Can You post the DBSK Korean live Concert?
    If you can, can you post 3 of DBSk'[s Korean live concert
    Thanks :]

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