Super Junior~ Super Show {Complete DVD Download} ♥


{Join all files with HJSplit}

Mediafire Links~

First Disc: 001 || 002 || 003 || 004 || 005 || 006 || 007 || 008 || 009 || 010 || 011

EDIT: Re-uploaded 007 Second Disc: 001 || 002 || 003 || 004 || 005 || 006 || 007 || 008 || 009 || 010 || 011||012 || 013 || 014 || 015 || 016

Making Film: 001 || 002 || 003 || 004 || 005 || 006 || 007 ||

Megaupload Links~

First Disc: part 1|| part 2|| part 3

Second Disc: part 1|| part 2|| part 3|| part 4

Making film:  part 1|| part 2

All credited to: [info]lollo_chan and [info]funkdamental

…………………I’m a little speechless from Happiness right now, my One Love has been release on a 3 hour long DVD show ^^ Super Junior, You Are My Endless Love, I’ve been Missin U for so long,  but now there’s a new release you, I can stop Hate (hating) U, SM, and start Love (loving) U again. My Midnight Fantasy has finally came true, and in case you can’t download from Megaupload, here are some Mirror links from Mediafire for you ^^ Thank you, [info]lollo_chan and [info]funkdamental for providing us with these links. So here’s a Song For You, Sapphire Blue fans. Super Junior Hwaiting ^^~



  1. eaglemiso said

    I THIRST my ssdvd 😦

  2. Shippy said


    You generous

    thank a lot to upload it for ELF ^O^

  3. Neko-chan said

    wow, some people ripped this really fast..
    i just received my dvd yesterday..
    its cool isnt?!! i nearly died just previewing the intro..

  4. xion said

    thxxx… 😀 are there eng subs??

  5. xion said

    are there parts tat cannot be played?? cause i downloaded it already.. n sum parts cannot be played.. like number 3 of disc 1… huhu… i so wanna see oppaaaasss!!!

    i play using vlc media player…

  6. NaNi YooChun said

    does this DVD has eng sub??

  7. lovemelodies said

    Hehehe, nice ^^ Thanks for visiting~

    You are very welcome! Enjoy ^^


    Ahaha, never underestimate the power of fangirls ^^~ But yes, it did come out very fast XDD I’m not complaining though, this DVD is amazing ❤

  8. lovemelodies said

    There are no english subs for the “making film” part, but since the first two DVDs are almost all performance of songs, you are not missing much without the subs XD Try joining all the files with HJSplit here The files won’t work with the .001 and .002 on the end of the name, you have to join them together for it to play ^^

  9. lovemelodies said

    @NaNi YooChun
    There are no english subs for the “making film” part, but since the first two DVDs are almost all performance of songs, you are not missing much without the subs XD Enjoy~

  10. xion said

    ok… thx.. i hope i will get it rite.. 😀

  11. NaNi YooChun said

    oke thanx..

    i wanna ask bout HJSplit. sometimes when i joining the file, after that i play the video but the duration time is not what its suppose to be. for example, the video supposely for 55 minutes but what i got is 33 minutes only. the file be4 joining, it has 2 files only and the size is big.

  12. Jongi said

    Hi! Thank you for uploading and ripping all of this! I can’t wait to watch this concert. Super Junior is amazing!!

    I was wondering if you could upload Disc 2 part .007 again? Every time i try to download, it doesn’t work 😦

  13. tinG said

    i am having the same problem as NaniYooChun. If i try to join all the files for first disc together, it only give me like half of it which is like 001-006.
    Anyone knows how to fix it?

    If i try to join oo7-o11 by renaming them from 001-005, it dosent work =( i cant play that file.

  14. Yuko-chan said

    I’m having trouble downloading part 7 of CD2 on mediafire, but I’m not sure if its only happening to me 😦

  15. lovemelodies said

    at Jongi, tinG, yuko-chan,

    sorry, Star is currently downloading all the parts right now, I’ll see if she can re-upload part 7 for you guys. and for tinG, when she’s back, she might be able to help you, the DL is not really my expertise. =D bear with us guys, thanks for the support. <33333


  16. butter0621 said

    The second disc part 7 cannot download….help~~

  17. me said

    ive tried to combine all… but at one point.. the whole player will close.. like it is spoilt or sumthing… haihz.. how?


  18. EternalELF said

    everyone, please support them by buying~
    i got mine on my bday (10/10)
    its SOOSOSOSO awesome <333
    i got mirotic the same day too

  19. Yuko-chan said

    thank you soooooo much for re-uploading part 7! you guys are legends ❤

  20. norievic said

    Is it really working? But which host is more faster??

  21. Alemancinn said

    i lovee u realy thx, my girl loves this band, she dies for this concert. ^^

  22. tinG said

    Ok i have no idea how i did it but the problem is solved now
    Thanks for uploading and helping us out! =)

  23. ranup said

    i’ve downloaded already the files.. but i cant join them in hjsplit.. does anybody know how i’m supposed to do?
    all files that i’ve DL is not detected as .001 but as .avi….
    hiks hiks help me pliiiiiz…. m(_ _)m

  24. wonder said

    i love you more than hyunjoong (just joke >_>)

    thanks alot ^^

  25. lovemelodies said

    It’s been re-uploaded ^^

    It should join together fine 🙂 Give it another try?

    Oh you got your copy already? 😀 I hope many will buy the DVD and support Super Junior ^^

  26. lovemelodies said

    Ahaha, no legend, just teens with a lot of time on our hands XDDD Glad we could help you out ^^

    Yes, it should work fine. I’ve downloaded all parts and joined them together with no trouble. I like mediafire better because I can download more than one file at once and it doesn’t ask you wait for every file ^^

    Haha, glad we could help you out XDDDD Hope your girl likes this ^^~

  27. lovemelodies said

    No problem at all ^o^ fans help each other out, right? 😀

    Maybe try again later? ^^ It worked fine for me and a few others above who have commented. Good luck ❤

  28. eaglemiso said

    Yay I got my SSdvd today…I believe many fans bought DVD
    I haven’t watch yet, I was keep waiting for the arrival of my DVD.
    Just quick question…How can we know the number of DVD sale? or Can we?

  29. hancloud said

    The first disc part 1 I cannot download….please help me~~

  30. cat said

    Wow, thank you so much for putting all this work into uppping all these files!
    My mom would probably never let me buy this–so this is the only way I can access suju D: *bad fan*
    but once I start making my own money I will definitely buy Super Junior products to support their hard work. Meanwhile, thank you for uploading!

  31. Hanlilovehan said

    Thank ss very much! I wish i had to see it very much.but now, you help me to do it.I love you very much!

  32. Norievic said

    I have already downloaded hjsplit and i put those downloads to Is that right? Or at hjsplit.exe??

  33. Peach said

    Sure do support the original DVD set but since we’re outside Korea so we’ve to wait for English ver. and still the company who got the copyright still working on it . SO we’ve to download to watch but promised to buy Original DVD for sure.

    Can’t effort to break KangIn heart for not supporting them.

  34. stephey said

    thank you for posting!

    but when i join them and try to play it…all i get is audio. the video is black! x_x
    anyone know how to fix that?

    once again, thanks so much for uploading!

  35. xion said

    is part 15 of disc 2 spoilt? i cant download it.. it stops halfway… >.<
    left onie 1 part to combine it all… huhu

  36. yolz said

    Thanks and many2 thanks for the download links…
    It’s really really great..

    Once again many thanks =D

  37. et_sm said

    I can’t see every file – -”
    I download file from mediafire and change .avi.001 to 001.avi
    but I can’t see T^T

    please, help me

  38. MimieJay said

    I’m going to buy the DVD!!!

    I can’t wait to see the DVD in stores.. i hope they will order it..
    i actually already bought the CD but it wasn’t enough!! Arghh.. i can’t wait to have it.. currently saving up some DON!

  39. butter0621 said

    stephey, i think you have to change the codec from fmp4 to others that you can support .. 🙂

  40. thir13teen said

    thanx a lot for this…
    no more words to say
    i still can watch the vid w/out combining them all….
    i watch it using my GOM player…
    maybe those who having problems can use this player to watch them…

    again….THANK YOU…

    ps: sorry….i dont know how to link file

  41. thir13teen said

    really thanks a lot for this…coz it’s hard for me to get one..

  42. thir13teen said

    i still can watch it using my GOM player w/out combining those file….
    maybe for those who having problem maybe can use this player

    ps: sorry…i dont know how to link file

  43. thir13teen said

    btw…i still can view it w/out join the file…maybe for those that having problem may use GOM player to view them

  44. twilightprincess89 said


  45. po1nsett1a said

    Thank you soooooo muuuuch for sharing ^^!

  46. death said

    thank you very much!!!
    I has just downloaded them
    but disc 1
    I joined them
    And the file avi is 0.97GB
    but it’s just 7.56s
    I don’t understand
    Disc2, disc 3 are good!!!
    Maybe, disc 1 has problem >”<

  47. Makies29 said

    I’m so happy

    I found out why I can’t play the video

    For anyone who experience the same problem…you not suppose to rename the video to .avi just left it as .avi.001 and when you open it just click to open it with chosen program & choose GOM Player (if you can’t hear the audio…restart the computer because that’ what happen to me)

  48. kanohane said

    what codec did you use to compress avi?
    only plays in VLC Player……omg someone help….plz….

  49. 최승현❤ said

    I was watching and listening to One Love halfway went everything stopped. I did download correctly and joined em together…

    Any help?

  50. dae-shii said

    awwww, i downloaded all parts of disc1 and then nothing played!!!

    what should i do? i tried the HJsplit whatever but still… nothing happened. only the 1st part of mediaplayer link worked

  51. iazmiin said


  52. linhtussy said

    thanks a lot ^^

  53. cheeLin91 said

    thanx a million!!!

  54. love~eastsea~ said

    OMG!!! thank you so much for this!!! love you guys!!!

  55. rai said

    help….the 5th link of the second disc seems to be broken

  56. dark said

    yeah 😦 and the 14th link of the 2nd disc too :((

  57. dark said

    yeah and the 14th link of the 2nd disc need to be fixed too

  58. lovemelodies said

    You are very welcome, luff you too 😀 Enjoy ❤

    all of the links are working. I’ve downloaded them again myself and they work fine. Sometimes Mediafire doesn’t work very well, just try again later ^^

  59. NaNi YooChun said

    according to my previous comment, its because of the file’s name. maybe everyone who has the same problem cannot joining all the file should re-check the file’s name.all the file’s name should be same. sometimes when u’re downloading, the file’s name change maybe just re-check the name and re-join again.thats what i did last time.

  60. dian said

    can you reupload disc 2 number12??? i am having problems downloading it thanks 😀

  61. lovemelodies said

    Hi there ^^ the link is working fine for me, try again later?

  62. fragancy said

    Ah, thnx you so much :X.

    But T___T..I download them but I can’t open them T___T””…

    Don’t understand why .___….

  63. fragancy said

    Ah I change them into .avi too but @-@””…

  64. lovemelodies said

    You need to download HJSplit and join the .001 and other files together ^^

  65. Fiffy said

    hi there, can you reupload first disc 001 ? I am having problems downloading it. I’ve tried many time but still can’t download it…

    thanks… and can you send the reupload link to my email?

    thank you in advance 🙂

  66. luvhae said

    thx.. 🙂

    u r the best

  67. Nipa said

    Uhm… i don’t know why but i can’t see it….

    I’ve downloaded all the parts, and joined with the jsplit, but there’s no video…

    Any clue what’s wrong?

  68. [..mandie..] said

    I have download all of them….
    There’s something wrong with part 2….
    I try to play it, but it just only played 14 minutes…
    Can you help me….???

  69. foliace said

    thanks 4 sharing.. kamsahamnida ^_^

  70. Diptz said

    thank you so much~

  71. lovemelodies said

    Much welcome ^^

  72. Reoshi Lee said

    Thanks for share! It’s was so gorgeous pop singer!!!

  73. hotlipz said

    thanks much for this one! 😀
    it has given me the opportunity to watch the event before my dvd arrive..
    more power to you and the site, keep it up! ^^

  74. cherie said

    tnx a bunch!!!

  75. Courtknee said

    thank you 😀 😀
    god. so happyyy :3

  76. Kriss said

    I L.O.V.E you!

  77. Mik said

    Thank you! You’re great!

  78. chipskjaa said

    thank you!!!! i’ve been looking for this 😀

  79. jazzmin said

    I already downloaded part 1 of disc 1…
    what happens is that it stops at 7:31

    what’s happening???
    please let me know.,..


  80. jazzmin said

    I used GOM player…
    then it stops at 7:31..

  81. stefanie_sugia said

    hmm.. i think i hav problem with part 5 from disc 1. i don really know why, but the picture for the file is different than the others. when i join all 11 parts, it only become 400mb size. 😦

  82. Haru said

    I think i have a problem with part 2 from disc 1 “/

    Have torrent?
    My internet is slow Ç_Ç~

  83. YuriBoo said

    thank you very very much!!!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~~

  84. Ridios said

    Thanks a lot for this…

    But I can’t watch it…

    I don’t know how can i fix it?

    Anyone knows how to fix it?


  85. Ralf said

    Te 7 (seven) part is wrong..
    I won’t make the download of this…
    Can you re-upload this??

  86. Vaniaaa said

    thank you so much for this…

    but i really dont understand with the HJsplit thing…
    I’m using windows vista and playing the files with wmp…

    any suggestion for me?

    anyways, thankies… ^^

  87. Vaniaaa said

    i have tried at least 10 times for the first disc part 2 at media fire, but it isn’t working…
    i can’t download it…
    help please?
    I’m sorry if I trouble u this much, but i really really want this sooo bad… T.T

  88. eUnChan said

    Oh my god please help me… I’m trying to download it through mediafire but 1st disc part .009 cannot be downloaded…
    Anyone please help me…. 😦

  89. jinyam said

    hi there!!!
    i’m so thankful for the links that you’ve provided for everyone.
    thank you so so much!!!

    i’m still downloading the second disc, and every link seems to be working fine so far.

    again thanks!

  90. aeno said

    thank you so much…
    i really really wanting this so much…
    thank you for sharing it~

  91. nina said

    hi.. ive download dics 1 and its all fine.. im up to dics 2 now.. everything is all fine until i get up to part 7 >.< i dnt know if the link is broken or something… but is it only thats having trouble with this part? i can only hope that by tomrrow the download link will work… so is there n e thing actually wrong with the download link?

  92. nina said

    hi.. ive download dics 1 and its all fine.. im up to dics 2 now.. everything is all fine until i get up to part 7 >.< i dnt know if the link is broken or something… but is it only me thats having trouble with this part? i can only hope that by tomrrow the download link will work… so is there n e thing actually wrong with the download link?

  93. rosa said

    hi.. thanks for uploading^^
    i could down disc1, but now i have some problem with 001 of 2nd disc.
    can you re-upload 001 on Mediafire Links~??
    thanx again!!

  94. alez said

    disc 1 part 11 seems to be deleted in MF files… i cant download it…
    can you re-upload it…

    and thanks for sharing….

  95. dani said

    ahh thanks soo much but can u re up part 11 for mf for the second disc

    its not working for me!

  96. caramel said


  97. european girl said

    i only can see first part from both discs.. can someone help me please???!!!

  98. haslinda_ichigo said

    u must join all the parts with hj split first,then u can enjoy watch it..^^i just finish watching sssj yesterday..hihi

  99. ana0ana said

    ooooooh i really get happy when i saw the whole tour
    but when i started to download the first disc 😦
    the fifth (5) part can’t download
    please check it and redownload it


  100. jace said

    hey, is it possible for a reupload of 008 part 1?


  101. kiahae said

    hi! can you teach me how to use the hjsplit? i’ve just downloaded the first part of the first disc.. but the rest won’t play anymore.. can you help me with my problem.. i really want to watch their concert.. huhuhu.. or maybe.. can i suggest? can you re-upload again all the videos on mediafire? many people are anticipating to watch it… 🙂 we hope you’ll consider re-uploading it again.. 🙂

    hoping for your kind consideration..

    thanks.. ^_^

  102. kiahae said

    hi! sorry to cause you trouble.. it’s okay now.. i mean.. you don’t have to upload it again.. i got it right now.. thanks for the videos… mwaaaaahhh… 🙂

  103. kiahae said

    hey ya! sorry to disturb you again but i think you didn’t download all the videos in the second disc.. your videos is lacking.. there are still 14 videos in the second disc.. i hope you’ll download all of it.. thanks.. 🙂

  104. lisa said


    i’m in the progress of downloading the 11th part of 2nd disc now, and so far there’s no problem..

    anyway, for those who have problems it’s either you haven’t downloaded every part of each disc or just didn’t use hjsplit first bcoz i think it can’t be played unless you have joined every part of each discs.

    but, try using gomplayer bcoz it can play them even if you haven’t downloaded all of the parts,but you still have to use hjsplit first.

    i think the link for it should be on previous comments…

  105. Zergkilla said

    Why is Numer 2 on mediafire not playing, it says something about log. I’m using a VLC player?

    Please answer my question. Thanks 🙂

  106. kiahae said

    @lisa: your very much welcome!

    oh.. okay.. if you finish re-uploaded all the videos in the second disc then send me a notification in my email or reply me back here..

    i already used the hjsplit.. but i finish joining them using it.. when i played them it’s only about 20 minutes.. i think your videos is lacking.. why oh why? hehe.. can you help me again please? hehe.. 🙂 ^_^

    @zergkilla: continue what you’re doing.. download all the videos then download also this software
    all your answers to your questions will be found at that site..

  107. Iulia said

    Thank you very much for this ❤ I really appreciate someone put the download videos. Others would say "go buy the DVD" . thank you x3

  108. kiahae said

    @Iulia: did you download already all the videos? i mean the second disc? did it work already? i’ve already downloaded the second disc and it works but it’s only for about 20 minutes and plus.. how many hours or minutes in your second disc?

  109. kiahae said

    annyeong haseyo! ^_^

    thanks for re-uploading again all the videos..
    i really appreciated all your hardwork and effort for this just for suju lovers..
    i’ve got all the videos now..
    i hope you’ll also upload all the videos in the coming super junior super show 2..

    kamsahamnida!!! ^_^

  110. ohmygodit'safishtankthanks! said

    Ack, if it’s possible could you help me?

    I downloaded all of Disc 1 and joined it together with HJ Split, and the file ended up being about 600 MB. But when I try and play it, it only comes up as being 11 seconds. Every. Single. Time.

    This probably isn’t a issue on your behalf, but if you do happen to know why it keeps. doing. this, please help me.

  111. Amanda said

    when i tried i tried to play it after using hj split i only got a .97 GB file that only plays the sound can you help me? Also thx for this

  112. itztiara said

    i have a problem with disc 1 part 4. i downloaded it twice but it stoped in 51 mb. Help??

    anyway, thanks for givin this opportunity. it’s hard to find super show DVD here in Indonesia.

  113. fien said

    thanks for the upload…does anyone know where can i buy the dvd..?
    i’m currently studying in malaysia..and i’ve searched but i couldnt find it…

  114. fien said

    from indonesia? same here…

  115. itztiara said

    @fien : yep from indonesia. OMG you too?
    =D good to find another ELF from indonesia.
    gosh, i’ve been searchin’ for SS DVD here but still i can’t find.
    too bad =[

  116. fien said

    ya me too…so happy to know another ELF from indonesia… ^_^

  117. Zergkilla09 said

    Thank you for Super Junior Super Show.

    SJ Rocks!!!

    Hope they will visit the Philippines

  118. itztiara said

    hei there,
    can you re upload disc 2 part 2 mediafire?
    because it didnt start download. i already tried using every browser that i have but it didnt work.

  119. nakmint said

    wow. thanks for sharing…

  120. itztiara said

    hei there
    finally i made it…
    thanks a lot. I didnt have a chance to watch it since the dvd is not sold in indonesia.
    you’re so generous =]

    hope you will upload the super show 2

    thanks thanks thanks

  121. Donghae is ♥ said

    thanks for uploading those files. [:
    i really appreciate it. [:
    i hope you can upload super show 2 soon. [:
    they are so awesome and amazing in that performance…
    i had seen some of the fancams that was uploaded in youtube. [:
    i love it super.


    SuperJunior keep fighting! (:

  122. Donghae is ♥ said

    thanks for uploading those files. [:
    i really appreciate it. [:
    i hope you can upload super show 2 soon. [:
    they are so awesome and amazing in that performance…
    i had seen some of the fancams that was uploaded in youtube. [:
    i love it super.


    SuperJunior is love! (:

  123. lalalaa said

    I can’t download Disk 1 Part 3 D:

  124. gHe2 said

    Why The The First Disc part 3 (mediafire) can’t downloaded??

  125. Synn said

    The files don’t open in anything for me.. can you explain why?
    (I also can not put them into a converter)

  126. pronk said

    eeeeek! thank you so much for the link! i wonder if you are still updating this page, because i can’t seem to download part 3 of disc 1 from mediafire 😦
    can you reupload again pretty please? 😀


  127. nattra said

    i can’t download second DVD part 6 …can you check it for me please … it’s the only one that i can’t load ….so i cannot extract file …. please i will thank you a lot ^^

  128. 18succubus said

    thanks for sharing these! 🙂
    i’ve been looking for it for months.
    btw, i’m a newbie Super Junior fan as well as a kpop supporter!

  129. syahira said


  130. prim1015 said

    Hello,thank you for sharing DVD

    Thank you,Thank you very much!!!

  131. jaxhlyn said

    aww the downloads are in AVI. hehe but thanks anyways! ur so generous! 🙂

  132. zompor said

    second dise part 2 on MEGAUPLOAD

    I can’t download T^T

    I don’t know what happen???

    Help me pls.

  133. Gwen said

    Hey, thanks for uploading:D
    how come i cant play the avi.002 file? i always can play the 001 file, but not the 002 file. Thanks again! ^^

  134. KIWI said

    erms i used hjsplit for the first disc however it is only 33 minutes… why is this so?

  135. KKC said

    Wow!! thanks guys!! <3<3 love you so much!!
    I'm going to download it now…
    wee~~~ \(^0^)/

  136. cathylovessuju13 said


    btw, does this play on dvd players??

    super junior hwaiting! ~

  137. Brenchelle said

    Is there an english subtitle for this …. can you please post it….please..
    please..please..please!!! I need it cause my classmates wants to watch it….please..please..
    Fans from: Philippines

  138. Sn0W said

    I cnt dwnld Disc 2, part 6, I think the link broken.

    By the way thanks for the uplaod, i finish disc 1 n really enjoyed it.

  139. Mary said

    Thanks *O*
    But I have a problem with the sixth link D:

  140. Priscilla said

    yeah, i’m also having a problem downloading the 6th part of the 2nd disc.

    its so dissapointing, i already downloaded all the other parts and joined together the 1st disc and the making film and now i cant put together the second disc!

    can you fix it please?

  141. Priscilla said

    gasp! its a miracle! the download is working now! thanks for uploading these. (:

  142. r e e m said

    thanx sooo sooo much

    kisses from here away to your home

  143. r e e m said

    .:* *:.
    how to join them ?
    the 1’st file is like a ziped file ( work with MPCH )
    but the 10 other fils appears as unknoun file formate

    pleas tell me the steps ,,

  144. Miki Lee said

    This is just awesome! Seriously! Perfect


  145. jolanar said

    Thank you, dear

    But I cnt download Disc 2 part7 T_T

    Can you help me ..?

  146. hea said

    thanks for uploading the videos! 🙂 but i cant download the 7th part of disc 1. can you upload it again? please. i won’t be able to compile the other vids without it. thank you so much!

  147. vsl said

    is the dvd sold in singapore ?

  148. Angelica said

    ahhhmmm…can i ask…

    what plyer are u using to play this videos..??plsss….can u pls tell me…

    thanks a lot.. 😀

  149. Angelica said

    ahhhmmm…can i ask…

    what plyer are u using to play this videos..??plsss….can u pls tell me…

    thanks a lot.. 😀

  150. r e e m said

    for ANGELICA

    { * sapphirebluelove ,, i hope you dont mind }

    join files with the above-mentioned programTo get a single file and you will be able to play with any player is available to you.

    Thank you very much lollo_chan , funkdamental
    & sapphirebluelove
    ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿For your souls ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿

  151. Angelica said

    thank u very much…. 😀 ..u’r such a big help..thanks a lot..

  152. renbowbryt said

    hi! i downloaded the first dvd from mediafire and joined them using hjsplit. when i played it only sounds came out and visualization from media player. what to do? help please.. thanks in advance.. ^_^

    will be watching suju’s concert here in beijing on january..

  153. Priscilla said

    you might have to download the GOM player.
    thats what i had to do (:

  154. Paolo said

    Thanks @thir13teen for an alternative player. =D
    It actually works. 🙂

    For those who still can’t play it. Use the GOM player.
    Here’s the link.. —>

  155. Denzy said

    thanks a lot for sharing! 🙂

  156. Niar said

    Seeking for your help on 007 part (Disc 2)
    It still could not download
    Please help I really want to watch it


  157. dark said

    Children of Bodom Rocks!

  158. chuei said


    i downloaded the GOM player.
    I haven’t finish downloading the first cd, the first part is playing on the gom player while others are not.

    based on the above comments, every part is playing on the gom player.
    Is this fine?.

    thanks a lot.

    Just excited. 😀
    Im currently dL everythng. Thanks soo much for ripping this.. 😀

  159. Paolo said

    I also use GOM player. I downloaded all parts first, then played it in GOM. I also used the hjsplit thing to combine the parts (.001, .002 & .003) before I played it in GOM. Anyways, I tried to play the .001 (w/o combining it with the other parts) and it played. I just dragged the file to the opened-screen GOM player and it played. Anyways, Just finish downloading all the parts first and then, try to play it. I hope I helped. 🙂

  160. chuei said


    Thanks a lot. 😀
    It worked.. 😀

  161. lee said

    i dowloaded the second disc and after joining all the parts, it didn’t work. The whole part was broken.. Any help????


  162. x said

    i think the megaupload link for disk 1 is broken. i downloaded the parts and joined them, it cannot play..

  163. jialin said

    pls help.

    i cant download disc 1 part 7. ): i wanna watch it desperately.

  164. 0.0 said

    anybody knows where i can get an english subs for this??

  165. chuei said

    @ 0.0

    youtube. 😀

  166. Angelica said

    hhhmm..can i ask where in youtube..??
    can u pls give me the link..??

  167. heyy can you list all the song from the super show(hangul and english)? i just want to know some of the lyrics. thank you

  168. Quynh said

    Holy Shit, thank you!

    ps. cd 2 part 11 is broken?
    I tried downloading it in both firefox and safari and it just keeps giving me the download link instead of actually downing it.

  169. Wing said

    Thanks so much ! ❤
    Once SJSS 2 officially comes out , could you please upload the links too ?

  170. ida said

    thank you so much for sharing..i love them so much!!!!!!!!!

  171. sette said

    Hi, fellow ELFs, I just want to ask for your help, I’ve downloaded every part, but it does not play. And my laptop and player can’t read the file type. It says that the vid might be corrupted. How can I watch it? Thanks in advance.!

  172. kiahae said

    hello.. how are you doing? i hope you’re doing fine.. i hope too that you can upload the Super Junior Super Show 2 DVD concert… hehe.. ^^

  173. Saya said

    Any one Have Rapidshare Link ?

  174. D.. said

    i hope too that you can upload the Super Junior Super Show 2 DVD concert… hehe……………………..

  175. Is it eng subbed? did it took you a while downloading it as well? mine does 😦

  176. Tatin said

    I downloaded the 2nd part of disc one, and it won’t work T.T
    I’m also using VLC.

  177. Naddie said

    Thanks so much for sharing! 😀

    For those who are having trouble with joining the file, you’d have to download HJSplit (and I don’t think there’s any installation?), open HJSplit and click “join”. Make sure you have all the parts in the same folder.

    As for codecs, some people have recommended the GOM player. You can also try downloading the CCCP Codec (Google is your friend), which enables you to watch almost any type of media.

    Hope this helps.

  178. graxaxa said


    Thanks for uploading this DVD!. =] I just have a problem… I already finished downloading the files for disc 1 from mediafire. Then I used HJsplit. But the final output is only 819,200MB when it should be about 1GB.

    Can anyone help me please??? Thanks a lot!. =]

    I hope you’ll be uploading the super show 2 DVD too… Thanks!. =]

  179. michiru said

    i was wondering if you can upload the part 4 (mediafire link) of disc 1?? the link seems not to be working… or is it just me. thank u so much in advance. i really appreciate it

  180. lucas said


  181. Shedap2004 said

    is it just me or is the part 7 in the second disc just 107 kb

  182. Lily said

    thanks u so much
    I’ve found it for a long time

  183. Lily said

    plz fix the links T.T

  184. yui said

    thank u so much!

  185. Le6ion23 said

    i’m so grateful to find this! my Love (Venus) wants to watch this but the tickets were expensive. So she didn’t afford it. I want to please her for this SuJu Concert copy..THANK YOU SO MUCH!! kamsahamnida.. ^_^

  186. Ling said

    Sorry but I couldn’t help but asked, I’m using a macbook right now. I know we have to use HJSplit to join the files before we can watch it. So I dl one which is called Spilt and Concat, and I don’t know how to use it. D:
    Can someone please enlighten me on that? Thanks! 😀

  187. chuei said

    @Ling I really recommend you use Hjsplit.. It’s very easy to use.. ^^.

  188. toph said

    thank you so much!!!! you are the best ^))))))

  189. me17cute said

    on the 1st disk part 4 when i try to download it the website just reload when i click “click here to start download”

    it because of my computer or the website?
    help me please..

  190. Ling said

    @chuei Thankyou!I’ve successfully downloaded the dvd after foresaking my Split and Concat. (: Thank you very much! (:

  191. Ling said

    @me17cute I think you can try closing the browser because that happens to me once too. After a few tries, it will be working finely again. (:

  192. me17cute said

    @ling thanks.., it working..
    ah~ i can’t wait for finishing my download..

  193. Riya said

    ah thank you for this! but would it be possible for u to get SSII aswell?

  194. Kim Hyun Hee said

    Thank you^^

  195. Joanne said

    Hi! Can anyone help me? 😦 I was able to download and play the first of the DVD but the others that I download…. it says “cannot render file”. 😦 Help, anyone?

  196. fuyu_ouji said

    I need helppppp. I finished downloading, but it doesn’t has sub. Is it eng subbed?

  197. Winnie said

    Thank You So Much!!!!!

  198. ela said

    thank you co much ! Love you guys ! 😀

  199. raigoo said

    mine doesnt work :(((
    ive downloaded both mediafire and megaupload

    help! what do i do?

  200. Lia said

    AWESOME! Thank you so much! I will still buy the dvd to support Suju! 🙂

    For those who cant get the files to work…especially disc 1 files, rename them all so that they all have the same name (save for the file extension .001, .002 etc) for example. I named the disc 1 files as, disc1.001, disc1.002 etc. Then join them using HJSPLIT.

  201. Kristine said

    oww Gad thank u very much for sharing dis!!!!!
    (now watching it)

  202. Chi-chan said

    Thank you so much !! <33

  203. SMS said

    Thank you!!!!
    you’re awesome

  204. Nchul911 said

    “Jeongmal gamsahamnidaa……!!!!\\^o^//
    stress sya g bs ngedunlud SS1…akhrnya…..:D
    apkah dsni ad SS2 n SS3 jg?:D”

  205. jhynieelurve said

    Thanks for this! 🙂

  206. aigoo said

    is there any torrent download for this?

  207. pale said

    ¡I LOVE YOU!

  208. Tofou said

    Can you please help me? I can’t seem to watch the videos filed as AVI? can anyone suggest something?:) please! thank you!

  209. mikarizma said

    Did u install VLC player!!!! Coz Windows Media Player barely read AVI ext!

  210. ettena said

    Hi! Thanks for all the vids but I’m requesting you to put all of that into torrents. Thanks. 🙂

  211. hob said

    thank u so much for sharing ♥♥

  212. LxBB E.L.F said

    where I can buy online (shipping for Brazil)?

  213. عاشقة كوريا said

    thank you so much ^^
    bot of you can bot her
    ( Super Junior Super Show 2 ) and
    ( Super Junior Super Show 3 )

  214. mettame17 said

    i heard that super show 2 has relased.
    where can we download it? for free :D.

  215. graxaxa said

    Hi!. Thank you again for this!. Please do upload the Super Show 2 DVD copy too! I’m really looking forward to it. THANK YOU!!!

  216. Sasami said

    Thaaaaaaaaank you, I love you ❤

    Will you upload Super Show 2? *^*

  217. عاشقة sungmin said

    thank you soooooooo much ❤ ❤

  218. jccl said

    Thank you so much for sharing! This will relive my memories!

  219. Anonymous said

    Thanks for this!
    Please let me know if you’re posting Super Show 2 DVD too!

  220. caramel said

    thank you!

  221. cherissa said

    hello, i’m ELF from Indonesia 🙂
    thx for the Super Show 🙂
    do you have another SS?
    if you, have, please share the link to my email. thank you, onnie 🙂
    email :

  222. Rui said

    Jungmahl kamsa hamnida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ^_._^ ELF weehoo~~~!!!!!!!!!

  223. ayushamus said

    Realmente muchisimas gracias por poner este DVD en descarga…!! Te amo por esto!
    Really many thanks for putting this DVD download …!! I love you for this!

  224. metaly said

    Thanks, it works!
    But why there aren’t performances of songs like “Gee” or “Shining star” ?? There are in youtube. Or isn’t that the same show??

  225. metaly said

    Ok i got it. Sorry. 😀
    Arent there any link to download 2nd Asia tour?

  226. Can you do a tutorial ? cuz when i download i couldnt watch it :/

  227. Leiho said

    Taking the MU links. Thank you very much 😀

  228. Mairis said

    I am having trouble downloading part 004 of the first disc from the mediafire link. I tried the MU links but it doesn’t seem to be working. Is this just me or is it happening to others?

  229. Enzan Blues said

    Thanks so much for your uploading *O*

    I’m really really happy *O*

    And they’re awesome in there TT

  230. Thank you sooo much for sharing ❤
    I love their concerts!! *o*

  231. Gamsahamida… For Sharing
    Saranghaeyo… their concerts!
    Sararanghae… SuJu

  232. daren said

    is there any torrent??? pls!! pm me if u have a link for the torrent pls! this is my e-mail : Thank u very much!

  233. Camille said

    Thank you very very very very very much for sharing! :))

  234. Alison said

    Thank you so very much for sharing this.

  235. Lee Rose said

    Do you have any idea where I can find SS2? D:


  236. wie said

    thank u so much,,

  237. wie said

    I found SS2 on indowebster,
    but itz just the 1st dvd,
    i still lookin for another 2nd dvd,
    if anybody find it first please let me know,,
    thank u so much,,

  238. Ej said

    just found these, better late than never, thank you very much for posting!

  239. bean bundat said

    thanks hope you do super show 2 dvd as well may you have many many birthdays to come!

  240. cheche said

    Thank you. I am able to watch it!

  241. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your deserves heaven XD Thanks a lot ♥

  242. Thanks for posting this! ^.^ I can’t go to SM Town in NYC so I’ll just watch this instead. XD Hopefully they’ll stop in NYC during their world tour. >.<

  243. Amy Liu said

    Someone gave a Super Show 2 dvd, but when I play it, there’s only audio. Is there suppose to be videos, or just audio? Please helpppppp!!!! Thanks.

  244. Sherochann said

    Thank you so much ^-^ ♥

  245. SSStefy said

    Hello!!!! @Amy Liu there are Super Show Concert: that’s a dvd.. and there are Super Show Album, but it’s just audio 🙂

  246. SSStefy said

    And Thank You So Much for the concert!!! u r great!!!

  247. miniki said

    finally.. I found this… thank you thank you very much chingu…
    :* #kiss from wookie oppa..

  248. elfishgal said

    yeeey. i found this very VERY useful! even if i am a few years late, it is still fantastic. tnxomuch!

  249. jackie said

    was looking for ss1 dl links and found this! thank you! may i ask what is the video resolution? thank you again!

  250. silverelf404 said

    i tried to download it but it says 8 hours for every link… TT TT
    and one of them finished downloading and i couldnt open it. 😥

  251. eunhye07 said

    thank you so much for sharing this ❤ 🙂

  252. Agus said

    Thank you so much! But could somebody tell me how to open an ISO file? Because I can’t watch it.

    Thanks a million! 🙂

  253. lialia said

    could u send it to my wemail please~~ TT.TT

  254. i cant download the 3 part of cd1 please help me

  255. laurie said

    gosh, soo grateful for this, except part 3 CD1 won’t download !! T.T know I’m several years late, but still, somebody heelp~

  256. d4nd3lion said

    Hello guys,
    Can you guys reupload link of part 3 – Dics 1 and part 2 – Disc 2 now ?
    I need to see this but I can’t down this parts.
    Please help me to upload another links !
    Thanks guys !!!

  257. tiff said

    thank you so much for sharing!!! <3333 u are jjang!

  258. d4nd3lion said

    Thanks guys !!!
    Did you check again part 2 of Disc 2 yet ?
    I can watch Dics 1 but part 2 of Disc 2 still not working now.
    Can you help me 1 more time ?
    Thanks ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ …

  259. d4nd3lion said

    I want to say THANKS to you guys 😡
    Now I can watch full of Super Show 1
    Just wish one day I can see them in a person !!!

  260. nitanbx said

    thank you so much ❤

  261. urriekyu said

    thanks for uploading Super Show 1…. deep bow 🙂

  262. miss1400 said

    thank u!! ^_^

  263. thanks very much!!!
    i love super junior
    i’m ELF ~ 😀

  264. priskila said

    thanks a lot… ^_^
    perfectly worked for me…..

  265. Priscilla said

    Wah, thanks so much for the upload … I have been finding it for so long…

  266. pichanluvjj said

    Can you guys re-upload these please? TT_TT its has been removed and I really want to have this Super Show 3 DVD.. but thank you anyway for your hard work.. ^^

  267. pichanluvjj said

    oh my, sorry my apologize.. I didnt read the post, it was Super Show 1st huh? LOL I already have the copy.. sorry ^^ I’m looking for Super Show 3rd Asia Tour, if you guys have it, can you upload it please? *puppy eyes*

  268. Hi,

    uhm… none of the links work anymore… I downloaded it before but my computer crashed and I lost everything! I would really appreciate it if you could reupload it… I can’t afford to buy the DVD right now, because I spend all my money on SPY and Sexy Free and Single….

    Thank you!

  269. nastaransh said

    Can you re-upload these please?Thank you for this.I cannot buy SS3 DVD….:((((((

  270. Kimy Sasaki said

    Can you re-upload these please? *-*

  271. My brother recommended I might like this website.
    He was entirely right. This post truly made my day.
    You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  272. coconut said

    ahhh i was looking for this everywhere!! but all the links are dead… 😦 will you re upload it one day? Thank you ❤

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