081015 Epik High- Tablo Cyworld Entry~ Tablo’s Novel ♥

081015 [Tablo’s Cyworld Photo: Blo. Entry]

Tablo’s Novel

Translated by melodygreenleaf. Do not add to or remove this entire line.



Pre-orders for Tablo’s novel will begin on October 17th.

If you can pre-order through an online bookstore, you can do that at Yes24, Kyobo Library, Aladdin, Bandi and Luni’s, Interpark, Yung Poong Library, and Libro.

And you can buy the book at bookstores around the country three weeks later.^^


Here are some sites that already have the pre-orders up ^^~






I sure hope they’ll release the original English version as well ^^ For one, it would make us fans who can’t read Korean a chance to read Tablo’s writing, and also might generate some American interest as well~ Tablo hwaiting, I hope his book becomes a best-seller =^o^=

Tablo publishes a short story collection

Following in the footsteps of fellow musicians Lee Juck and Horan, Epik High’s Tablo is coming out with a short-story collection, to be published next month.

“When the book is released, I’m sure people will ask, ‘Did Tablo really write this?’ In my university days, I was known as a literature geek.” The now-28-year-old refers to his education from 1998 through 2001 at Stanford University, which is when he wrote the stories, which are set in New York and feature a diverse cast of characters. The collection contains approximately ten “human drama” stories, and Tablo is adapting and translating the stories that were originally written in English.

He explained, “The image I’ve displayed to the media and the public these past years has been different from the real me. There have been a lot more instances where the image has been distorted rather than accurate. I’m grateful for everyone’s interest, but I want to be judged only by my music.” (And, I presume, now his stories.)

As for Epik High, they’ve just released their first mini-album, Lovescream, featuring their new single “1 Minute 1 Second.”

Via Kuki News

credit: Dramabeans


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