081013 DBSK Micky Yoochun Iple Update~

Everyone~~ ^ ^ This is your Yoochun

Cutie Micky Yoochun ~ ^ ^

I will continue posting after Jaejoong-hyung ~ ^ ^

How are you all? ~

We, DBSK, are always having fun day after day, thanks to everyone ~ ^ ^

Aigooo ~ ^ ^

It is about time for this flu to leave but it is still going with us ^ ^

Now relaxing with a good feeling,~
I played 1 round of a game for a while and am now writing with a super happy mind/heart ~

I am concentrating on the monitor, and i feel hot

Should we turn-on the air-conditioning then?

This is why I continue on to have my colds – that is what Yoochunee says Ha ha ha ha ha ~ ^ ^

Everyone, with your love, we were given the song of the Mutizen. Ha ha ha ha ha

I’m really glad.

Tears formed in my eyes, but i held it in!

What Yunho-hyung said when Dong Bang Shin Ki is given an award, is all from the heart ~ ^ ^

Everybody knows, right? Together let us continue to run.

The things you do these days with every moment, makes me feel good ..
your cheers and support bring a lot of willpower/strength, Ha ha ha ha ha

My beloved pearl red,

I am always very thankful~ You know my heart/mind right?

Sign-o… they made me joyful,

Every time I stand on the stage in front of you I am full of happy energy!

Let’s go have fun together ~

I’m sorry to keep you waiting … have been sitting alone lonely

Just sit with us (me?) from now on ^ ^

No, should we stand, then? ^ ^

Do not forget I always love you ~ ^ ^

Thanks ~!~!~!~!~

Source: TVXQ Iple Website
Trans by: destined_ramin@LJ(main) + westkitsune + annneonet@LJ (for the rough parts XD)
Aahaha, Micky with a picture half naked -.-\\ You are such a tease XDD Oh my gosh, what a cute entry =^o^= I’m so happy for the boys for winning the Mutizen award, they truly deserve it. Who knows what kinds of awards they are going to be picking up in the coming weeks, oh yes, everyone shall fall into the spell of Mirotic ^^~ Kyaaa, I just can’t get over how adorable he sounds in this, it makes the fans so happy when the boys are, you know? XDD I hope their flu leaves them quickly, get better soon!!!! 😀 DBSK and Chunnie Hwaiting~


  1. heya! thanks so much for crediting us! ^_^ it means so much because not many people adhere to the requests of the blog posters.

    isn’t chunnie just soooo squishable?!?!?! ^_^

  2. Sarah said

    hello there! could you give me the link to their iple website? i can’t seem to find it. haha thank you!

  3. lovemelodies said

    http://tvxq.iple.com/ Here you go ^^ Enjoy~

  4. lovemelodies said

    You are most welcome, it’s the least we can do to thank you for taking the time to translate for us ^^~ He’s most adorable <33333

  5. Tefa said

    I cannot enter to the page of iple
    This one well the link

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