081012 DBSK JaeJoong Iple Update~ Mutizen + Fansign

Hello~ This is YoungWoong JaeJoong! Today…

Hello~ This is YoungWoong JaeJoong.

First, we got Mutizen song today~
It’s all thanks to everyone.
I am really happy and feel good
whenever I meet with everyone on stage with [주문-MIROTIC] but
even allowing us to get an award like this…!

Please cheer for
A DBSK that works harder and harder! and YoungWoong JaeJoong.

Today there was a fan signing for the first time right?
Buying the album to attend the fan signing, and
I heard that everyone waited for a long time, but
just those fans who got a signature from me didn’t get their names written(1)… I apologize…
While looking at everyone coming to get a signature with a name attached,
I realized after some 10minutes of signing diligently
that I didn’t write the names.
It would have been right to sign the names from then on, but
everyone waited the same amount and because the fans who didn’t get it in the front might feel bad.
I didn’t write anyone’s name till the very end.
I said this at the end before but I’m really sorry.
Instead it’s ok if I put your names here once right?(2)




신연희/악원/양로/오오가와 루미코/오주영/오지나/오지현/오현경/왕우정/요코야마 나츠미/







Uwa there’s so many!
And thank you to those who came overseas and attended the signing event for me.
From the next time on I won’t forget and without fail~ write your names! I promise~!!

Continue to cheer for our [주문-MIROTIC] activities and~
The cheer that everyone does (for us) during the refrain~ As expected you guys are the best~!!!(3)

The weather has become quite cold so take care to not catch the cold, and
let’s meet again at the next performance!!^^

I’m counting on you for the cheers~!!(4)

(1) – It’s more like “I wasn’t able to write it for you” but couldn’t figure out how to word everything so it works. :S
(2) – He wrote/typed them but the actual words he used is that he’d “call out/say” the names
(3) – Idk, what would you call this, slang? casual talk? Yeah, the phrase he used was “짱머그셈” which is pretty must the best/kings/etc
(4) – Kinda counting on them but requesting it at the same time-ish

TRANS BY: annneonet@livejournal (Please DO NOT repost without asking her, she specifically requested that for her translations, so please follow her request, thank you ^^ )

Awwwwwwww <33333 Jaejoong’s is always sooooo caring XD Congratulations to the boys on winning the Mutizen award, they deserve it so much ^^~ Jae looks so cute in those sunglasses, and I think it’s adorable how he gave a shout-out to the fans he didn’t write their names on the CD, the fans must be so happy right now 😀 JaeJoong Saranghaeyo ^o^

Here are some thumbs of pictures taken at the fansigning. Junsu has red hair!!! 😀 He looks great actually, just different from what we are used to, but still as adorable as ever, and Changmin’s solo shot with his hands on his waist KILLS me. He looks so cute I just want to snuggle him and take him home ^^ For more pictures, click here. DBSK/Hero Hwaiting~~~~

Pictures credit: http://fangirlmitz.blogspot.com + as tagged


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