081010 Epik High Music Bank~ Fallin & 1분 1초 ♥♥♥

Credit: jaeurazn1live@youtube

I LOVE THIS PERFORMANCE!!!!!!! Even better than their comeback, honestly! XD What made this one so amazing is first, they performed the beginning of “Fallin”!! In their comeback, it was just the chorus, but this one they performed their individual raps in the beginning of the song, and it was fabulous 🐱 Also, the set they had for 1분 1초, it’s like a house with a second floor that is a bedroom, and for Tablo’s part in the beginning, he sits in the bed up there and sings with this sad, adorable expression on his face >< ( I luff him so much XDD )

Is it just me, or does the ceiling of the bedroom look like there are stars there? Behind Mirtha too! 😀 It’s so pretty ^^ Then Mirtha stands right above the ‘Epik High’ during his part as well!!! <333 This is kind of silly, but I’m really happy to see the girls not dance around (like up close) Tablo/Mirtha, like what they were doing in their comeback. I just feel like it didn’t add anything, but instead made it very awkward >.> XDD;;; Man, I hope they win an award for Lovescream album soon, the songs in there are too amazing @_@ ( I want to see “Butterfly Effects” performed LIVE NAO!!! ^^~) Epik High Hwaiting~


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