Big Bang “Number 1” {Full HQ MP3 Download + HQ MV} ♥

{HQ} Big Bang “Number 1” MV

♥ Click HERE

Credit: YG_BigBang 


Big Bang ★ Number 1

ALBUM TYPE Digital Single
RELEASE DATE 2008.10.08
BUY IT Normal Version / Limited Edition {Album + DVD}
FULL CREDITYG_BigBang motoharu

02 Number 1

DOWNLOAD FULL SINGLE (7.64 MB @ 320 kbps)

Well-versed in songwriting, rapping, dancing, multi-talented Korean boy band Big Bang arrives on the Japanese music scene with a bang. The boys’ first full-length Japanese album release in Japan, Number 1 features 13 tracks, including How Gee, Baby Baby, and Always which were also featured on their earlier Japan mini albums For The World and With U. Fans of the fast-rising rap group, can also look forward to song material originally included on their third Korean mini album Stand Up and six brand new songs.
Credit: Yesasia

Soooo…addicting… XDD The MV isn’t my cup of tea, but I LOVE THE SONG SO MUCH XDDDD There’s something soooo…attractive about their songs, it’s like you can put on repeat for days and not have it get old (but then again, it seems like that with DBSK and SJ songs as well XDDD ) Big Bang did great with creating a song totally in English (although their English prouncation is still…cute ^^~). I can’t wait for the release of the whole album. I’ll be posting up the DL for HQ MV as soon as one is released. If you enjoy their songs, pre-order this album and support them! 😀 Big Bang Hwaiting~



  1. Neko-chan said

    hi hi.. thanks so much for the good quality upload..
    its really nice to hear the full song, without the japanese dj..

    but why didnt u enjoy the mv so much?

  2. @Neko-chan

    Hey, thanks for the visit ^^ I’m glad you enjoy the song, the LQ version was driving me crazy as well XDD I didn’t enjoy the MV because clubbing scenes makes me uncomfortable ^^; I have nothing against the dancers, they did a great job with the scene, and I’m not jealous either, I just don’t enjoy watching it ^^~ Have a great weekend ❤

  3. thank you said

    i am a member of Bigeast!

    thank you for your good job!

    i got hi quality mp3 files!

    i will go to Bigbang concert in Nagoya ^^

  4. lovemelodies said

    @thank you

    Hiii!! You are a member of Bigeast? That’s awesome! 😀 I’m glad you like the files ^^ Oh man, I’m so jealous, you get to go to Big Bang’s concert at Nagoya?? Have fun!! Come back and tell us about it ^^

  5. chacha-chan said

    One of the few k-band songs i downloaded, thanks..

  6. saidoe said

    Thanks for The Songsssss… Enjoy it ..:D

  7. veos said

    great song! thanks XD

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