081005 Epik High Inkigayo Comeback – Fallin & 1분 1초 {LIVE} ♥

Credit: jaeurazn1live@youtube

A little sad that they didn’t perform the whole song of ‘Fallin’, but the part that was performed was very nicely done <333 Tablo and especially Mithra’s rapping always sound more intense live, I love it ^^ The dancing for the “I’m falling, falling” part is a little cracktastic XD;; I am so happy to see Tablo singing live so well, people who says he shouldn’t sing and only rap can shut up now >.> *huggles Tablo* XDDD HE’S SO EXPRESSIVE IN HIS SINGING!! When Mithra came in with a deep bass at 2:23, I just melted ❤ (The girls dancing around both of them is a little….strange, but whatever XDD;;) I LOVE how much they matured from what they showed off in this performance, their rapping is amazing, expression and feelings are dead on, and….they just WIN XDDD I AM SO HAPPY THEY ARE BACK, can you tell? 🐱 EPIK HIGH Hwaiting!!!!!

(I’ll upload this on Mediafire AS SOON as the video download becomes available, I want one sooo bad <333 )

♥ Snag the two tracks “Fallin” and ” 1분 1초” from their new album LOVESCREAM here. Enjoy~



  1. hearts said

    would love to get the MF link;
    ❤ Epik High

  2. lovemelodies said


    Here you go ^^ http://www.mediafire.com/?2ml3ynkxgym Enjoy~

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