BoA- Eat You Up Audio Preview {Full}+ MP3 Download ♥

Credit: tokawaii@youtube

Download Link {MP3 Full Version}

A little surprised on the leak so early, but I love the response it’s getting. I adored the shorter preview from before, and the full version makes me even more excited for her debut 😀 This song is sooo catchy, and with playful/naughty lyrics XDD It’s a little more….mature than what I would have liked from her, but I guess it’s because of the industry she’s going into ^^; Anyhow, I can’t wait for her official debut, and I wish her the best of luck. Let’s all support her by buying her Single and Album when it releases, ok? 🐱 BoA Hwaiting~


Just wanted to point out our About page on the top right corner of the page, right below the Chatter Box ^^ If you have any comments/suggestions/things you want to talk about, feel free to share with us there. Thank you to the wonderful fans who have provided me with news about the idols, I really appreciate all your help and support. Have a wonderful weekend 🐱



  1. Lauren said

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. lovemelodies said


    You are very welcome! I’m sad now because the release of the MV is pushed back >< I want to see it!!! XDD

  3. meral said

    te iubesc sunt fanul tau:-*

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