081003 DBSK KBS Music Bank Performance~ {Intro + Love in the Ice, Mirotic} ♥


Yays for DBSK performing on Music Bank!!! So happy the conflict between SM and Music Bank is resolved ^^ Oh man, wasn’t that intro FREAKING AMAZING or what???? 😀  Max rising out of the ground…Jae’s ripping out of those ropes was so hot XD Charisma!Xiah is back….Yunho/Micky’s jumps were sooo amazing <333 and ahhh, the singing, why are they so good? XDDD

Intro + Love In The Ice {Youtube}

Mirotic {Youtube}

Here’s some pictures taken of the performance, download link to both LITI and Mirotic after the thumbs ^^ Enjoy~

Credits: as tagged + DNBN + baidu + fangirlmitz

Oh my goodness...why is Jaejoong so gorgeous? @_@ I mean, it’s not like I didn’t know that before, but those last few pictures of him during the performance…….*dies* It should be illegal to look that….perfect ♥

HQ Video Download Links {iPod version}

Intro+ Love In The Ice {Mediafire}
Mirotic {Mediafire}

Credit: dbskipod@lj

Oh, just wanted to say, I’ve been uploading almost everything download-able onto Mediafire, because that’s the easiest site for me to download and upload from. If anyone needs another site, I’ll try my best to upload to another server, but I’ve found Mediafire to be the best, and so I’ll most likely continue to use that ^^ Now, if you would like another version of the video (.avi or whatnot), let me know and I’ll re-upload it for you as long as I am able to convert it ^^



  1. Litosana said

    Ok so I accidentally left a comment in another post haha but I was just wondering if I may ask for the .avi files to these videos x3 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! <33

  2. Hoshi Kuran said

    Thank you~~~ Please upload the performances in avi. format high quality~ i also prefer you using Mediafire!!! Please continue to upload the videos~~~ ❤

  3. NaNi YooChun said

    thanx for this..u’re up to date, hehe..yeah thanx for the ipod version.

  4. lovemelodies said


    Hi! Thank you very much for your visit ^^ For some reason, my computer is not letting me convert videos at the moment >< However, here’s a really good community at livejournal that has .avi files of these performances http://360kpop.livejournal.com/ Enjoy the videos ^^

    @Hoshi Kuran

    Hi hi 😀 You are very welcome, and I’m glad mediafire works for you ❤ As I mentioned above to Litosana, my computer is spazzing out and not letting me convert anything, but give http://360kpop.livejournal.com/ a try, they have all of these videos in .avi format ^^

    @NaNi YooChun

    Hehehe, you are welcome ^^ Man, it’s really hard to keep updated with these, they are performing sooo much XDDD

  5. Hoshi Kuran said

    Wow!!! Thank you for the link!!! Now I can fully indulge in my love for Jae Joong~~~ *Swoon* *Swoon* *Drool* *Drool* Hope your computer gets over its spaz phase…he3 ❤

  6. yoonhomoe said


    Hi,it’s me^^ From today, they sing the opening theme “We are” of a very famous animation “ONE PIECE”!!!
    Please check it out on the youtube^^

    Oh, I forgot to say..thank you very much for your uploading those marvelous performance files of our gods^^

  7. lovemelodies said


    Hey there!! Oh, that’s awesome, DBSK sings the theme song of an anime??? XDDDD Thank you so much for letting me know ^^ I’m sorry I didn’t reply back to you earlier, I just fished your comment out of the spam box (which I never visit) and it’s kind of weird because I’ve approved your messages before @_@ So I don’t know why they didn’t let this comment through >< Anyhow, thanks again for letting me know~

  8. MimieJay said

    Music Bank is KBS..not MBC,
    SM has some issues with MBC not KBS..^^

    i thought the intro was super duper cool!
    Love in the ice was so beautiful.. although they do sound sick.. 😦
    i hope the flu has gone away!

  9. nurulasma' mansor said

    thank you for the video

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