DBSK New Profile Pictures~ Japanese Official Website ♥

I FREAKING LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!!!!!! XDDDDD Quick update before I head off to Choir Concert ❤ XDDD DON’T THEY LOOK AWESOME OR WHAT??? I ADORE how HOT they can look and still keep their clothing on, I personally think they look much better that way 🐱 Ahhh, oh wow…Charisma!Xiah is back <333 Micky looks amazing with the orange background, JAEJOONG, YOUR HAIR IS PERFECT ^-^, Leader looks so hot, and Max!! our Magnae baby has officially been replaced by sexy boy 😀 ^o^ Enjoy~
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket



  1. jaayx said

    I love their new mature image that they’re breaking into~ But have you realise that Jinsu’s really is going for Charisma this 2008? I haven’t seem him smile / laugh brightly for Mirotic )=

  2. lovemelodies said


    Ah, that’s true isn’t it….I guess we’ll have to see him laughing and smiling for us during shows then ^^ Don’t worry, dorky/happy Xiah is not gone 🐱 Just hiding under all that charisma ❤ 😀

  3. Brenda said

    awww the CUTEST!!

  4. left-handed san said

    true..xiah is going for charisma..however,we can stil see his brightly smile and listen to his special laughter during shows..he is stil a cute boy in heart..not only xiah,every member!!

  5. Nain_dayo said

    where is their smile??

  6. mini said

    hensem sangat……….be a good men 4 yor girlz….fighting.

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