Epik High Lovescream “1분 1초” MV ♥ + Album Lyrics + Download Link~

Credit: SMarie7@youtube

;;_;; ahhhhh, why so sad??? Reminds me a bit of One, but this song brings about a much sadder feeling T_T A really random note, but has anyone ever seen a person eating a banana so cutely? ^^~ His little face looks so innocent and adorable, makes you want to go up and give him a hug, kyaaa XDDD I am really happy to see all 3 members featured in this, Mithra looks handsome and dashing as usual ^-^ (I hope Heechul’s proud of his friend~) Epik High has outdone themselves again, welcome back ♥


To view the whole album lyrics, please click ‘HERE’. Butterfly Effect is all in English, the rest are Korean and romanized. I’ll edit it once I find the translations. =D Enjoy~


HQ ‘1 Minute 1 Second’ MV Download ( Subbed!) is out ^^ Subs are easy to read and not distracting, and provides a whole new level to the song. Many many thanks to FlyAway87 at Youtube for subbing and providing the download link ❤

Mediafire Link~

Reuploaded by me, link back and credit if taking out, thank you ^^ Enjoy!



  1. qiguai said

    it reminds me of one too… and the scientist by coldplay. love the song

  2. LyLe said

    i take the mv. thanx a lot

  3. lovemelodies said


    You are welcome ^^ Enjoy ❤

  4. Star_shine said

    Thank you! Half the genius of Epik High is their lyrics. They’re always so moving!

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