080930 Epik High Mini Album- Lovescream {Download} ♥


Cover Released!! 🐱

Epik High- Lovescream

RELEASE DATE 2008.10.02
BUY IT [ Yesasia Link ]


01. Butterfly Effect
02. Fallin’
03. Harajuku Days
04. 습관 (Seuim Gwan)
05. 쉿 (Swis)
06. 1분 1초 (1 Minute 1 Second)
07. 1825 (paper cranes)

Download Link (32.68MB @ 192kbps)

Credit: YWH@livejournal

Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!! Epik High is back, and they are amazing!!!!!! XDDD Seriously, this is one group that makes rap beautiful ❤ Tablo + Mithra + DJ is so freaking talented, and their music is awesome 😀 Tablo is their main rapper, and he lived in the US for a while. A few of their songs from before features a little english (Fan, One), but this album, omg, almost all of their songs have some english in them, ESPECIALLY Butterfly Effect. I am so impressed! His English sounds sharp and clear, and without accent also! That song is sooo catchy, and I adore the deep lyrics to all of them. I hope some kind soul translates these for us soon, I can’t wait to read them, and I’ll be sure to share them once I find them as well.

Oh, btw, if you were wondering which song that last teaser was from, it’s 06. 1분 1초, which translates to “1 Minute 1 Second” which also has an MV that will be released soon!!! <333 Ahhh, so many amazing releases at the end of the year, this is so exciting!! 🐱 Epik High Hwaiting~ ♥



  1. abbyanne. said

    Thank you !
    I’ve ordered it just recently,
    but I can’t wait D: heh

    Thank you, again 🙂

  2. […] the two tracks “Fallin” and ” 1분 1초” from their new album LOVESCREAM here. […]

  3. lovemelodies said


    Yay for ordering their album!! 😀 You are welcome, I hope you enjoy their songs ^^

  4. LyLe said

    thanx for share

  5. realy incridible group , 1minute 1second still the best for me

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