080928 DBSK Inkigayo Comeback~ {Mirotic, Hey, Love in the Ice} ♥


The Gods Are Back ♥

{If you would like to view the videos in HQ, please click on the name above the embedded video, wordpress is not letting me embed the HQ version ><”’}

{HQ} 09.28.2008 SBS Inkigayo – DBSK [Mirotic]

Credit: cassiopeial0ve@youtube

HQ Video Download Links~{.avi, 179MB, 3:29min}
~ MF 001. 002. {Join files with HJSplit}

EDIT: iPOD version~Mediafire

Performed LIVE, it sounds soooo amazing!! I adored all the little solos Xiah had throughout the song, and the high note by Changmin was PERFECT. God, that boy has grown so much, he made it sound so easy and flawless XDDD Jae sounded awesome as well, and Micky+Yunho’s rap….@_@ ahhhh, why are they all so amazing? 😀

{HQ} 09.28.2008 SBS Inkigayo – TVXQ [Hey]

Credit: cassiopeial0ve@youtube

HQ Video Download Links~ {.avi, 126MB, 2:28min}
~ MF 001. 002. {Join files with HJSplit}

EDIT: iPOD version~Mediafire

Hey! Don’t Bring Me Down with the awesomeness of your dancing XDDD The song is lipsynced, but who can bring them when you see the complexity of the song? If you’ve never danced and sang at the same time, trust me, it’s hard XD Even the smallest movement alters how you breath, I know from experience XD I adored Yunho’s part in the beginning, all of them looked sooo fierce in this dance, even with the outfit looking a little on the wacky side XD Awesome dance number 🐱

{HQ} 09.28.2008 SBS Inkigayo – TVXQ [Love In The Ice]

Credit: cassiopeial0ve@youtube

HQ Video Download Links {.avi, 175MB, 4:45min}~
~ MF 001. 002.

EDIT: iPOD version~Mediafire

Ahhhh, the song that best showcases their vocals, Love in the Ice. Changmin wrote the lyrics for this korean version, did you know? The lyrics are sooo touching, visit this link to see the translation of the lyrics. Isn’t it amazing how….perfectly they can sing even with the flu? Many artists don’t even sound this perfect when they are not sick XDDD

DBSK Members Sick During Comeback Performance~

DBSG will be making their comeback on SBS Inkigayo, on the 28th.
Today, DBSG visited the studio at 10 in the morning, and had three pre-recordings.
Despite the severe flu, all the members had; they were able to perform very powerful performances very well.

Right after the recording, Jaejoong told the journalists that, “I was very nervous since it was our first performance,
But I’m glad we finished it well! Plus, all the members have the flu, so our conditions were not the best, but I’m glad things went smooth!”

Due to living together, Jaejoong had spread his flu to all the the other members.

He admitted, “Honestly, I was the one who spread the flu. I’m extremely sorry towards the members,
We really wanted to show a perfect performance, but I’m quite regretful, since we couldn’t.”

He also added, “Thankfully, we finished the recording, without any big mistakes.
We had IVs, and took all our medicine, but I guess the flu must be really severe.
We hope to get better quickly, and perform well.”

Especially, “We came to Korea after such a long time, and hearing the fans was very touching.
Next time, I hope people say we did our best with passion, instead of how we did our best with a cold.”


Oh…Jae…you guys DID your best WITH PASSION and also with a cold XD I’m very sorry to hear about them getting sick though, they must be working so hard preparing for their comeback, I hope they can find time during this time to rest and take care of their bodies ♥

On a lighter note, the Inkigayo performance was delayed for an hour because Yunho’s pants ripped during the recording, due to the intense dance moves in Hey XDDDDDDD;;;;;; LOL, leader…… XDDD I don’t know what to say, except it’s really funny and somewhat embarrassing and why didn’t it happen during the live performance? >.> 🐱 The Gods are truly back. DBSK Hwaiting~

Video links credit: 360kpop

*If anyone would like iPod version of these performances, let me know and I’ll upload them {I’ve already converted them, might as well share them if anyone else wants them XDD} 🐱



  1. felsaifer said

    Thanks a lot i love you and Them hehe

  2. Lily said


    I’d love the ipod version if you could upload. Thanks!!

    p.s. funny about the ripped pants…hehe

  3. lovemelodies said

    Sure ^^ Is there a specific one you would like? or all of them? XD

  4. laura_budora said

    hey I’d also like the iPod version for all of them
    is there any way you can upload them all into one file?
    i want to be able to watch all three performances in a row instead of having to switch files each time

  5. penny said

    Got your website link through a friend. Have been a huge fan of them since their rising sun days, but havent had time to keep track of their activities, etc. So really wanna thank you for this! yay!

  6. Sarah said

    I love you so much!
    and Thank you for sharing!

    P.S. I agree with you about the pants

  7. Jae_girl said

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing…^^ (extremely happy)

    It’s so difficult you know to download HQ performances… I’m sick of streaming things. but you uploaded those vids for us.. <333

    Please continue to provides HQ DBSK vids… Hehe
    my bad

  8. lovemelodies said

    I’m sorry, I’m not very sure how to merge videos together, but I’ve uploaded iPod versions of all of them ^^ Hope you enjoy the videos 😀

    Thank you for visiting us ^^ You are very very welcome 😀 Hope you’ll enjoy DBSK updates through this site ❤

  9. lovemelodies said

    Hehehe, the pants 🐱 You are very welcome, I hope you enjoy the videos 😀

    Hello there ^^ You are very welcome for the videos, the low quality from youtube kills me. DBSK just demands high quality, you know? XD I will definitely be uploading more as I find them 🐱 have a good day ❤

  10. NaNi YooChun said

    hey..love ur blog. hehe..seems like i can get everything in here. yeah i want the ipod version too..all of them. if u have other videos in ipod version, could u upload it? thanx a lot..

  11. NaNi YooChun said

    how to use the HJSplit? can u teach me?

  12. YamiK said

    LOL! I love the ending comments!
    Poor YunHo! But so Hilarious!
    Yes, They are back.

  13. lovemelodies said

    @NaNi YooChun

    Hi there ^^ Thank you for visiting the site 😀 The iPod versions have been uploaded, and HJSplit is very very easy to use. If you’ll click on the link, there’s a page that pops up. Scroll down and click on the download like that works with your computer. Here’s the help manual if you have any other questions http://www.freebyte.com/hjsplit/manual/ Enjoy! 😀

  14. NaNi YooChun said

    yeah thanx~ why i cant download the ipod version for hey! performance? seems like the link was broken. i tried so many times..but the rest of performance can.

  15. lovemelodies said

    @NaNi YooChun
    Thanks for notifying me of that ^^ Hmm…it’s not working for me as well, I’m uploading a new file as we speak, and I’ll replace it as soon as it’s uploaded ^^ Have a great day 😀

  16. kenzo_shan said

    hey lovemelodies , can i lam wen you , hihi

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