EDIT: 080926 DBSK 4th Album ‘MIROTIC’ Download~ ♥


동방신기 (東方神起) ★ 4집 – MIROTIC
ALBUM TYPE 4th Album
RELEASE DATE 2008.09.26
RECORD LABEL SM Entertainment
BUY IT YA North Am. / YA Global

EDIT: I’ve uploaded all the individual tracks below ^^ so as you can see, each of the track names has become a link to the specific track. This way, you wouldn’t have to download the whole album if you are looking for one track, but who doesn’t want the whole thing? ^^

01 주문(MIROTIC)
02 Wrong Number
03 노을..바라보다 (Look At.. The Sunset)
05 HEY!(Don’t bring me down)
06 넌 나의 노래 (You’re My Melody)
07 무지개 (Rainbow)
08 낙원 (Paradise)
09 악녀(Are you A Good girl?)
10 Flower Lady
11 잊혀진계절 (Forgotten Season)
12 love in the Ice (Korean version)

Download Link- Full Album {71.49 MB @ 192kbps}
~Mediafire Link

Credit: YWH@livejournal
Reuploaded to Mediafire by me, please credit and link back to this post if taking the link out, thank you ^^


Interest in TVXQ’s 4th album “MIROTIC” becomes hotter with every day…..Included in this album are the reverse beat dance song ‘주문-MIROTIC,’ which has a sophisticated melody and intoxicating chorus, and ballad, R&B, acid jazz, remakes, and more that makes a variety of 12 songs.

Two TVXQ members have participated in writing the songs. Junsu wrote ‘노을.. 바라보다’ (Look at.. the Sunset), a ballad which showcases TVXQ’s vocals, and is about wanting to protect your girl with your heart. It has impressive and emotional lyrics. From their 3rd Japanese album “T,” ChangMin wrote the Korean version lyrics to the heart-wrenching ballad song ‘Love in the Ice.’

This 4th album shows TVXQ in attractive, new, diverse songs. The sophisticated ‘Wrong Number’ has grooves with a dark, mysterious atmosphere that features for the first time JaeJoong’s rap.

With an electronic beat and strings’ harmonic melody, ‘CRAZY LOVE,’ written by famous lyricist Kim Young Hoo, is about a man who doesn’t want to give up on the woman he loves, and makes a pledge. In addition, Lee Yong’s hit song ‘잊혀진 계절’ (Forgotten Season) in the 1980s will be newly made into JaeJoong’s solo, which will expose it to the younger generation.

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com



  1. liza said

    take it…tq…hope it will be the best album 4ever….

  2. namira said

    Wooow..you must be great!!
    How can you get the FuLL Album??
    It won’t be released until 29th, right?!
    Oh my God!! I spoiled myself again…I’m downloading it..
    *ARRRGH~~!! I can’t wait for the album arrival~..T.T*
    Anyway~, thank you…thank you so much for sharing it..<3

  3. lovemelodies said


    You are very welcome ^^ The official album is released today in Korea, looks like they’ve reprinted faster than they expected, which is great great news 😀 enjoy the music ❤

  4. namira said

    WOW!! That’s a great news.. 🙂
    For me, yesasia works too slow..they will ship my album in 1st Oct.
    It drives me crazy waiting for soooo long..
    Thanx to you, now I’m listening the album which is reaaaaaaaaaally GREAT!!
    Love the music.. Love oppas best!!
    *hahaha~ sorry..i can’t help the fangirlsm*

  5. lovemelodies said

    Oh, I know XD it’s like, I’ll definitely support the boys, but to wait that long for the songs when the download’s right here? @_@ too hard to resist 😀 I’m glad you enjoy it 🐱 we are all fans here, feel free to spaz 😀

  6. namira said

    Hahaha..You’re sooo~ right…
    Support them not always have to forbid yourself from download things,right?! *sorry for my bad english..>,<*
    You can’t help yourself when this kind of situation in inavoidable…
    Btw, a linked yourblog *of course not your MF link* in my journal, since i think i have to share this wonderful thing with my friends..
    Hope you don’t mind..:)

  7. lovemelodies said

    ^^ Glad we think alike 🙂 You’re english is great, you don’t have to apologize ^^ where are you from, if I may ask? oh, thank you for sharing this blog site with your friends 😀 You are welcome to post up the MF site, just link back to here and say it comes from here is all I ask ^^ Have a great day!

  8. Windy said

    :DD omfg, thank you! i’m gonna download, but probably order the CD too xD~Hwaiting dbsk <33 :3~!!

  9. Hikazu said

    I have pre-order the album…
    but you know?
    i am veru curious about the other song!
    how can u get it???

    You are veryyy awesoomeee

    manyyy thaaanks


  10. hellen said


    thank you very much for sharing…… ^^

    the album is VERY GREAT!!!!

    i love DBSK!!!!! ^^

  11. tiqahs said

    thank you very much!

  12. lovemelodies said

    Order the CD also! it’s sooo worth it 😀

    I have my sources 🐱 Thank you for your compliments and enjoy~

    You are very welcome!! Hope you like the music 😀

    You are welcome ^^~ Enjoy the songs 😀

  13. yunjas said

    Can’t resist to download, don’t we?? Coz they too good and will go crazy waiting for the album.

    DBSK we love you!

    Thank you so much for sharing this…

  14. anni said

    thx a lot.. kamsiahamida

  15. lordzach said

    hai…tq for ur kindness…i have a request..i can’t download any mp3 song via mediafire cause my it has been block by our college management (i’m using my collage internat service). i only can downloads via 4shared, really hope that u can provide link via 4shared..a lot of tq if u can help me…tq and sory for bordering u.

  16. lovemelodies said

    you are very welcome ^^

    No problem 😀

    Here’s a 4shared link for the zip of Mirotic Album. Hope you enjoy the music ^^

  17. Emma said

    thnx 4 sharing ^__^

  18. istimaro said


  19. mhoomin said

    Thank a lot for TVXQ… ^^

  20. Kiest u voor kind en werk

  21. […] case you don’t have it, grab the full album of Mirotic HERE […]

  22. Reina said

    Wow~ Thank you so much for the songs.
    It’s a very great album!

  23. michelle said

    thank you!!!!!! they are AMAZING!

  24. jungyume said

    annyeong haseyo~^^ i wonder if u have the other version..i need more songs of opp-deul!! thx for sharing~!!

  25. scizorstar said

    big thanks~!

  26. Angela said

    thank u very much!…. =)

  27. ad said

    thank you!

  28. Fmt said

    Arigatou ne~~

  29. Moo said

    Thanks so much for posting this! I am definitely going to get the album when I have enough >”<

  30. DB5K said

    Thank you so much!! This is the BEST DBSK album. I have so many favorite songs: Love Bye Love, Mirotic, Wrong Number, Hey!, You’re My Melody, Flower Lady, and Love in the Ice~~

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