{HQ}DBSK Mirotic MV Download + 080924 DBSK 동방신기 – Making Of Mirotic MV ♥


HQ Version of DBSK Mirotic MV Download {67.8 MB @ 320 KB/sec}

♥ Link- Mediafire

Credit: linny0chan

Clear…Beautiful….No tags….Gorgeousness in its full glory ♥ Enjoy 🐱


080924 DBSK 동방신기 – Making Of Mirotic MV + Album Photoshoot

Credit: coooolzx@youtube

Yays for a making of video!!! <3333 This MV is too amazing to NOT have a Making of video, and I’m so happy they released one ^^ Oh oh, and also, they added a special part where they showed us clips of them shooting for the Album Jacket/Photobook. Omg….Jaejoong leaning on that glass with water dripping down…..*nosebleed* XDDDD Also, the kicks they were doing was awesome 😀 Now I understand where this shot came from and what they were doing.
They must have amazing and wonderful photographers to be able to capture such a quick movement, but of course, nothing but the best for our DBSK boys, right? 🐱 Oh, and talking about Photobook shooting, here’s a few HQ previews for you to drool over 😀

credits: HeyJJ + baidu + fangirlmitz

………“I want nobody, nobody but you….I want nobody, nobody but you…..”’ XDDD DBSK Hwaiting! 🐱



  1. Lauren said

    Thank you so much for sharing this!!!! ^_^.

  2. lovemelodies said

    Most welcome ^^ Glad you like it 😀

  3. llye said

    I know this is a late late comment but I wanted to thank you for sharing this with us cassies!!

  4. Kesesesese said

    Thank you!

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