‘LOVESCREAM’ Epik High’s new mini-album teasers




TEASER 4 !!!!

Credit: astronicas @ YouTube

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

LOVESCREAM tracklist:

1. Butterfly effect
2. Fallin’
3. Harajuku days
4. 습관
5. 쉿
6. 1분 1초
7. 1825 (Paper cranes)

All music are composed, arranged, and written by Epik High! ❤

HOMG!!! afasfasfasfa!!! KYAAA!!! new stuff everyday, my heart is pumping like crazy =D Epik High is releasing a mini-album (first one since 2004) at the end of September!!!!! I’m still desperately waiting for their sixth album “Pieces, Part Two.” , but this mini-album will ease my desperation for a while. Epik High is so talented, from “one” to “breakdown” to”umbrella”, the songs are all so catchy and meaningful. This mini-album will be a tremendous success as well. The teasers are very unique, instead of real actors, it’s all abstract. The watercolor effects and the textures are very cool. Pre-orders haven’t been decided yet, however, YesAsia said that they’ll try to open up the pre-orders ASAP. I’ll update the pre-order links if they’re available.

Also, with their album release, Epik High will also be holding the ‘The Parade 2008′ concert on 27th September in the Olympics Stadium and also in KBS Hall in Busan on 3rd October.

Credits: kbites

p.s. if you look closely enough and let your imagination run WILD, you can see some pretty INTERESTING things in those teasers. for example, in the second one, at 0:16 can you see the form of a hand and a head? what about in the third one at 0:08….. is there a face screaming??? let your imagination run WILD w/ LOVESCREAM. =D


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