HQ[MV/PV] DBSK’s 4th album comeback “MIROTIC”

Credit: Sumberlosy@ YouTube

KYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥I’ve waited SOOO LONG for this, although the LQ version made me spazzy for a while, this version is just GLORIOUS!!!! The whole MV revolves the theme “Maze”, and this MV is making my nose bleed non-stop, IT’S TOOOO HOT!!!! 5 Gods dancing those sexy moves………..AND HALF-NAKED TOO!!!! *spazzing* The first part was awesome when the 5 hotties just vanished… then re-appeared in 5 difference rooms/places. Jaejoong against the wall, Junsu surrounded by lasers, Yunho been grabed by black cloth, Yoochun in a glass box, Changmin in the water. The mysterious lady is gorgeous!!! I Love her dress! O.o  Although i’m not a big fan of how she tortued/teased the 5 gorgeous Gods. Poor Jaejoong is tied by the rope in mid-air against the wall….. They look so hot and fierce when they finally broke away from her spells, and ganging up on her. The whole MV is very abstract/fantasy -ish, I’m still trying to figure out who/what she is. A slave? A ghost? One’s own subconcious? One’s own boundary?……

What can I say, this is one of those MV that leaves me wondering for a LONG time, AND nose-bleed even longer.


EDIT: Here’s a part of their mini concert press, it explains what the MV plot is.

Q: What kind of plot does “Mirotic” have?

Junsu: The main idea is that after we’ve been captivated by this girl, we break free from her curse. But in reality, we are the ones with an even more potent curse than the girl. It’s a reverse plot. It feels like the plot of a drama is beautifully combined with the choreography.

To download the song, click “here” AND SUPPORT THEM BY BUYING THE CD’s + DVD’s, click “HERE“!!!!




  1. Kira said

    Indeed. Haha ~
    Jaejoong tied to the wall = every woman’s dream rofl.
    The mv and song are amazing.
    I miss micky’s long hair… = ” =

    I think the woman in red represents Tgeir fanclub, Cassiopia.
    Just a guess though ~ 😀

  2. Kira said


  3. lovemelodies said

    @ Kira

    xDDDD the MV is pretty abstract, but then after I read Junsu’s explanation it kind of makes more sense. Yeah, there are talks out there that says Cassie is the woman in red, but there are still confusions…. like if it is Cassie, then why do DBSK want to hurt “her”…. and etc… I really have no idea, maybe DBSK will explain it more to fans like me who’re clueless xDDDD

  4. kpop-th said

    does anyone have a link of the MV in avi for a HQ

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