080921 DBSK 4th Album Showcase {Mirotic MV Revealed} ♥



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For a ZIP file of 45 pictures from their Showcase, click HERE.

There are several amazing fan-accounts on DBSK Soompi thread right now 😀 (Post #18516 + Post #18532) and oh, btw, there are also over 500 people viewing the thread right now XDDDDDDDDDDD;;;; wowie…the power of Cassies 🙂 BTW, all mentions of what happened below are from the fan accounts and are credited to JunEunHae<3 ^^~

HOMG, so DBSK opened the showcase with Rising Sun
then, Hey Girl
Junsu’s composed song
Another new ballad
Love in the Ice {Korean Version}
and finally Mirotic

Here’s a really really really good fancam of Mirotic, it’s HQ and not shaky at all, thank you~~~ OMG, the rapping part in the middle….Yunho….Micky….ILUSM!! and that scream afterwards by Changmin….@_@


I WANT HQ NOW PLEASE!!! The woman in the MV…who are you? DBSK sure knows their stuff, look at them taunting us with all those images XDD ………..I’m a little speechless right now…..such an amazing MV @_@ MUST WATCH!

Ohhh, it seems like Teukkie also made a special appearance and wanted to measure all of the DBSK members’ chests (WTH)
Here are their measurements XDD

YH: 108 CM
JJ: 110 CM
CM: 104CM
JS: 103CM
YC: 94CM

And it turned out that Micky was the only one under 100, and he was so cute about it 😀 How freaking adorable ^^~ and Yunho, being the tease that he is (and he totally knows it XD ) shows off his abs 🐱
Jaejoong also showed off his abs (OMG I WANT PICTURE NAO) wish comes true ^^

ROFL at Junsu staring XDDD

when MC Boom asked Teukkie to show his, Teukkie Oppa ran off to another schedule XDDDD LMAO, kawaii Teukkie just can’t measure up to working-out DBSK XD So so cute ❤ SHINee also sent a video message, asking the hyungs to show them how to pose for the camera, and so DBSK members went around and did one cute and one charisma pose each XDD
Junsu, I luff choo XDD

All pictures in this post are credited to Soompi + as tagged. I’ll be editing new things in as I find them. For now, enjoy~



  1. khan said

    their all so cute!!! Yunho!! ur so hot n sexyy<3<3<3 I LOVEE Yunho’s dance intro to Hey Girl n his rap in Mirotic!! Their all soo woww! I kinda like the dance in Hey! Girl better then Mirotic, but I love both songs. I wanted to be there! plus Changminnie’s scream in Mirotic! WOW, Yoochunnie ur smile is too adorable up there! Junsu’s angel ^_^ n Jaeeee, nice body o.O <3<3<3 DBSK HWAITING! Thank u for the post & pictures!!

  2. supeng said

    haha.thanks!!! i love the song Mirotic!!! and also the pics.ROFL at Junsu looking at Jae’s abs.^^ and Jae is so shy~ <33333

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