080920 Heechul Cyworld Entry/Column Update~ Wanted + Mirotic ♥


Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.20 18:17

Title: 手 配 者
* It kinda means wanted criminal

Name : 希 (Hee)

Age : 4444 years

Bloodtype : AB

Special Ability: Fooling Around*

*If I’m not wrong, 껄렁거림 is a idiom describing someone who doesn’t take things seriously and fools around ^^

Heechul’s Cyworld Column Update 2008.09.20

Mood: Tiresome

(I don’t really know Englishㅋ)

Credits; OnlyHeechul + superduperlove

Hi Heenim!! That’s such an amazing wanted mug-shot, no? XD Especially since we can’t even identify his eyes XDDDD He almost looks joker-ish, don’t you think? XDD With all that black and that creepy dorky smile XDD;; But then again, no Joker will ever look as gorgeous as Heenim, even with all that hair covering his beautiful eyes 🐱

Ohh, lookie, Heenim’s promoting Mirotic 😀 Yays for Heechul/Yunho friendship and possibly even more ^^~ and Heechul admiting to being weak in English, how adorable 🐱 Heenim Oppa Hwaiting, good luck on your upcoming Xanadu musical performances~ ♥


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