DBSK 4th Album~ ‘Mirotic’ Song Full Audio Version + MP3 Download ♥


Credit: farahmicky@youtube

♥ Mirotic MP3 Download Link~
Mediafire (will upload once I get home XDD) Here you go ^^

Credit: dbskbby_

For the Download Link to the FULL ALBUM, click HERE

This song is so amazing <3333 It sounds much better in the full version than in the preview, because we get to hear more DBSK awesomeness ^^ Yunho’s rap part in the middle….@_@ and I love how Junsu sounds, so smexy 🐱 Enjoy!!



  1. […] download the song, click “here” AND SUPPORT THEM BY BUYING THE CD’s + DVD’s, click […]

  2. Eya said

    Oh after a long time,finally TVXQ’ve come back!

  3. lovemelodies said

    Yes, the gods are back ^^~ LET’S OPEN BITTER COLAS!!! XDDD

  4. kenzo_shan said

    thank you for thiz link , thz thz you very much ^^ , hihi

  5. lovemelodies said


    You are welcome!! 😀

  6. LiSAL0VEsSE7EN said

    whooo! alright! THANK YOU!! love the album!

  7. Mónica said

    i love you changmin !!!!!

    i love you so much , i’m portuguese!!!! 🙂

    big big big kisses

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