EDIT: DBSK 4th Album Mirotic “05 HEY!(Don’t bring me down)” Full Audio Version + MP3 Download~

Credit : KimO-as-junsoogoo.com +ttdquynh@youtube+Soompi

I like this song very much, from that 30 sec. preview we got a while ago to this full version right now. It’s sooo addicting XDD I’ve had it on a loop for the last…hour now XDD;; DBSK’s powerful voice and dance ability is very well suited for dance/Hip-pop numbers such as these, and I am very eager to see if they’ll be performing this song live aside from Mirotic 🐱

EDIT: {HQ~ MP3 Download Link} HEY!(Don’t bring me down)

Credits: JungSooGoo.Com + Cloud_Honey@bestfiction (LJ) + Ramin + fangirlmitz

Enjoy~ 😀



  1. yoonhomoe said

    THX A loooooooooooot^^
    I really appreciate for your uploading THIS!!!!!
    I’m now on my way to work, but listening THIS makes me happy!!!!!
    Thank you very much, I love youxxx

  2. xl petite said

    OMIGOSH!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I’ve been trying to find a site that accepts pre-orders but their all down. Thanks again!!!

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