DBSK 4th Album~ Mirotic {20 Sec. Preview + Download} + News Report ♥

Credit: randy1997@youtube

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Oh wow…

If I’m this excited over a 20 sec. preview (not even that, considering the last 3 sec. were nothing but their name and the previously released picture XDD), I’m going to like, explode in happiness when the full MV comes out XDDD The lotus flower-thing on the top of the ceiling in the beginning looks so cool, kind of reminds me of Triangle’s setting 🐱 Oh…DBSK…..

Yunho- You look so hot XD So so hot, nuff said ❤

JaeJoong- Man, you’re showing off even more chest than Yunho XDD choo have been working out, I approve ^^~ and that emo look in the beginning….*dies*

Xiah- Hot, smexy body with an adorable ‘omona’ pose in the middle…how DO you pull it off??? XDDD

Micky- angry and smexy ♥ I approve 🐱 and that sapphire blue shirt looks great on you 😀

Changmin- Hi magnae XDD you are so giving Micky a run for his money in sex appeal, rising out of the water like that, and also teasing fans with that hand gesture….=^-^=
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credit: xia@dnbn+fangirlmitz (GIFs)


Newsen reports that “Mirotic” is the title song off of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s fourth album and it was produced by the same team (Remee/Troelsen) who produced BoA’s “Look Who’s Talking Now” song, part of her American debut. The song is choreographed by Kenny Wormald, who has appeared in the music videos of Madonna, Mariah Carey, and Justin Timberlake among others.

Dong Bang Shin Ki will be revealing their 4th album title song ‘ChuMoon (MIROTIC)’ on 19th September.

Their 4th album, which is set to release on 24th September, will be revealed first on music sites like Melon, Dosirak etc.

‘MIROTIC’ is a reverse beat dance song and is a very addictive track.

The preparation started last year and Dong Bang Shin Ki first came to know of the title song ‘MIROTIC’ in January. It was the first song to be recorded for the album and it took up 2 months of recording and amendments to the song.

The title “Mirotic” was formed by using Miro (which meant maze in Korean) and then adding “tic” to the end. The title track symbolises the feeling of love at first sight, being unable to walk out or extract yourself from the maze after being mesmerized.

Credits: DNBN (pic) + allthingsgood + hanleidbsk + coolsmurf + rhapsodygunshot + fangirlmitz


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