DBSK- 4th Album Cover ♥♥♥♥♥



Ohhh….My God, flying necklaces, fishnets, chests, beautiful, gorgeous colors, swirls, HOTNESS…….. AOGFIHAODFJAKLDSFJL;AGHLA

/calms down

Ok Ok, wow, just so happy that we are getting the picture of the cover of the 4th album so soon (although they really should release something by now) I mean, the release is 9 days away, 9 DAYS AWAY PEOPLE!!!! XDDDD

So it seems like Mirotic is the name for their 24th Japanese Single as well as the title name for the 4th album…. Interesting name ^^~ Many on soompi are speculating that it’s a mix of two words, “Mirror” and “Erotic”, which makes sense, especially the latter ^^; and wow, whoever designed this cover is so freaking amazing, the artistic-ness of this work of art is absolutely fantastic <3333

DBSK Hwaiting!!!! We fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the album!!! 🐱

Credit: Soompi


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