Big Bang as Your Potential Boyfriend {Part 2} ♥

Here’s a link to Part 1 ^^ I’ve only recently gotten into Big Bang, and although I saw the first part, it didn’t make any connections with me because I don’t know who they are (and I am totally lost on their real names XDDD)

I think this survey is really really cute XD I think fans write the questions, and BB members actually reply to it with what they would do or their reaction XDDD;; A fun and interesting way of getting to know the boys ^^~ I’ll bold the situations I would like, and some random comments {in brackets} as well 🐱 Enjoy ♥

Which Big Bang boyfriend would you want in these situations? Part 2

1. When I buy him clothes as a present and he doesnt like it…
a. TOP: smiles and lies trying to compliment it saying it’s pretty
b. GD: takes my hand and goes to the shopping mall explaining why he must exchange it for his fashion purposes {cute b/c he sounds so serious XDD}
c. YB: smiles and tries to start a different conversation
d. DS: gets overly excited and exaggerates his thanks
e. SR: wears it on the spot and jumps up and down the sidewalk

2. When I am jealous due to his relationship with one of the female celebrities on TV
a. TOP: holds my hand.
b. GD: explains logically says its not true… then goes on TV and explains to the world its not true as well.
c. YB: stutters trying to explain continously, then sighs saying he’s sorry
d. DS: laughs and seeings ‘Look at Me GiSoon’ with my name in it instead
e. SR: Acts cute and says “Are you being jealous right now~!?’ in a cute voice {LOL, I can totally see him do that =^-^=}

3. When I’m away from my phone and another guy sends me a text hitting on me
a. TOP: deletes the guys number
b. GD: presses ‘Call’ on the number right away. {hehehe, I want to know the reaction of the guy on the other end XDD }
c. YB: pretends he didnt see it but gets quiet
d. DS: tells me i got a text and gives me suspicious looks
e. SR: smiles and lets it go infront of me, then goes home and tracks the guy down texting him evil messages

4. When he comes to my house without a word but I look like a ‘pain’ (no shower, havent washed hair, sweats, etc etc)
a. TOP: Washes my hair for me {O_O}
b. GD: Makes me a schedule on ‘how to not be a pain’ and makes me write a written oath that i will never be a ‘pain’ again
c. YB: lies to me and tells me he hasnt washed his hair for 4 days either
d. DS: sits down on my couch like nothings wrong and watches Dorraemon  {kawaii ^^}
e. SR: Gets too shocked and scared that he cant even come in the house

5. When I get a sickness and must die the next day {All such sad and touching answers ;;_;;}
a. TOP: treats me like the normal days but never lets go of my hand
b. GD: swallows/hides his tears and says “Lets live today to the fullest/Until the day ends lets live like no tomorrow”
c. YB: ends up crying and doesnt know what to do
d. DS: pretends he didnt hear and keeps making me laugh
e. SR: cant stop crying and just keeps taking pictures with me

6. When he walks in on me cheating on him with someone else
a. TOP: without a word, punches the guy and takes me with him
b. GD: gives me his ring (couple ring), cellphone and walks out without a word  {T_T}
c. YB: makes a conversation with all of us
d. DS: says “Oops, got in the wrong place” and walks out {LMAO, why is he so cute?? XD}
e. SR: gets very mad and cant control his anger so he throws and breaks furniture

7. When meeting my parents and they dont like him
a. TOP: goes on his knees
b. GD: says “(name) is pregnant” {and he won’t be with me anymore…..XDDD}
c. YB: smiles and says he wants to marry his first love {dawww, sweet XD;}
d. DS: tries to earn points by singing ‘Look at me Gwisoon’
e. SR: kisses me infront of my parents and shouts “(name) IS MY LADY!”

8. When he sees that I’m in the audience while he’s performing
a. TOP: never takes his eyes off me until his performance ends
b. GD: ignores me because i make him nervous and focuses on making the performance perfect for me
c. YB: is so happy that he keeps smiling and messes up his dance {He looks so badass on stage, but he’s so dorky and cute off camera XDDD}
d. DS: puts in customized moves by him for me
e. SR: acts cute infront of the camera

9. When I tell him I’m going to get plastic surgery
a. TOP: pretends he didnt hear and secretly slides a picture of ’surgery-gone-wrong’ pictures for me to see
b. GD: gives me his credit card {ROFL, WTH?? XDD}
c. YB: tells me im more beautiful now and says no.
d. DS: insists if i do it, hes definitely doing it too
e. SR: listens to me and then makes fun of me

10. When I say Im going to a resort for university
a. TOP: tells me to have fun and come back
b. GD: keeps asking me if guys are gonna be there too
c. YB: says its okay but you see him starting to pout without realization
d. DS: suddenly gives me DorraMon and tells me to think of him when i look at this ♥♥♥
e. SR: says “Take me too”

11. When watching a movie together and its some serious 19+ sexual content… {o.O awkward question….awkward answers XDDD}
a. TOP: tries to switch the mood by being funny
b. GD: ……asks jokingly “…can you do that?” >.<
c. YB: cheeks turn red, starts pouring nose bleed and faints
d. DS: “oh fun stuff~” and enjoys it
e. SR: suddenly whips his head around and looks at me

Credit:Big Bang Korean


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