080915 Hangeng Cyworld Update~ Mid Autumn Festival ♥

Hangeng’s Cyworld entry 15 September 2008
好久没有更新日记了很想念大家。 先把晚到的祝福送大家大,中秋快乐!最近一直马不停蹄的到处跑排练、录音、演出。。。乐此不疲。呵呵~~~每次能想到站在舞台的那一刻你们在我身边我就有无穷的动力。最近去韩国排练的时间比较多,就是想给中国的朋友们最精彩的舞台。我们每个人都很努力,就是为了感谢所有喜爱我们的朋友,让你们在中国也能充分享受到SM家族全面的光芒。前天的演出虽然不时的下起大雨,但是正因为这场雨更能显示出不一样的舞台和我们不一样的状态,也更能反应你们无法浇灭的热情。我听到了你们的呐喊你们的狂欢,看见了那蓝色的灯牌,有很多都是我的名字。超级开心和幸福呵呵~~~谢谢你们给与我前天那样的感动!
我们的演出很成功,这也让我更有信心和动力勇往直前。稍作休息昨天一早就动身前往山东参加央视的中秋晚会。在山东我仍然能看到你们,虽然我只参加了开场那短短的几分钟。但是在我心里却是永远的回忆。在中秋、在荣城、在海上、在月光下、在你们的身边~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~中秋节快乐 。。。。。。


Happy Mid Autumn Festival~~!
Haven’t posted a diary entry for a very long time, really miss everybody. Firstly, I have to wish everybody a belated happy mid-autumn! Recently, I’ve been non stop going everywhere continuously to practise/ rehearse, for recording, to perform… Joy is not tiring. Hoho~~~ Every time when I can think of that moment standing on the stage with you all by my side, I will have the endless power to go on (driving force). Recently, the time spending on travelling to Korea to practise/rehearse is more, just to give all the Chinese friends the most brilliant stage/performance. Each of us are working very hard, just for thanking all the friends who love/like us. So that you all in China can also fully enjoy the SM family’s radiance/light.

The day before yesterday’s performance, even though the heavy rain poured down frequently. But just because of this rain it could show a different stage and our different conditions. And most of all you all could show your unstoppable passionate. I heard your chants, your wild happiness (ehh, as in being mad happy lol) and saw the blue boards (fan board), a lot having my name on it. I’m super happy and blessed hoho~ Thank you all for giving me the day before yesterday’s touching moments. Our performance was very successful. This also gives me more confidence and motion to bravely going forward.

With a little break, yesterday morning I already had to leave for Shandong to participate in the Yang Shi Mid Autumn Festival party. In Shandong I could still see you all. Even though I only participated in the opening ceremony for a short few minutes. But in my heart it’ll be an eternal memory/ a moment to remember forever. In this Mid Autumn festival, in Ying Cheng, above the sea, under the moonlight, by your side~~~~~~~Happy Mid Autumn Festival………
I love you all~~!

Translated by Wing @ http://www.mygiftedwings.com/hanchul

Here’s both the Chinese version and the translated version for you fans to view (the Chinese language is too pretty and complicated to be translated completely, how I wish I can read it again…><) Thank you so much Wing for translating, you did such a wonderful job capturing the feeling of Hannie’s entry ^^~ Hannie never sounds happier than when he’s performing in China, and I can understand why….Not to mention he did a fabulous job performing as well! XDDD It was such a blast seeing him on stage in front of all of his fans in China, cheering their hearts out for him 🐱 Hangeng Hwaiting~


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