080914 Sungmin Fancafe Update~ SM Town Live ♥

Sungmin’s Fancafe Message 2008.09.14 18:52

We came back safely^^
Although I can’t exactly say that nothing went wrong at the airport

But since no one was hurt, (I guess) it’s considered as nothing went wrong~

There was really a lot of meaning to the concert~
This time in China, the rain was extremely heavy too
When the performance began, the rain slowly began to stop`~

(Those in) Korea really wish to come to right ??^^
SM Family becoming one isn’t just about this singer or that singer’s fans but it’s about everyone becoming one that’s good

This time, the performance was brilliant and everyone has worked hard
Giving applause to all of us as one!~
Especially us!!! We are the greatest!!!!!

We are the greatest so of course our E.L.F are the greatest too right? ^-^
A very happy Chuseok~^
It’s been long since I’ve seen everyone and I’m in a very relaxed mood..
Hope you’ll have a happy Chuseok~~!!^^

Credits; 蓝色妖域 + superduperlove

Glad to hear the SJ boys are back in Korea safely ^^ You guys are the greatest, and I love how you connected the ELFs right after that XDD Minnie, you are too cute <3333 Happy Chuseok to you too 🐱 Sungmin Oppa Hwaiting~


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