080914 Ryeowook Fancafe Update~ SM Town Concert ♥

Ryeowook’s Fancafe Message 2008.09.14

Title: It’s Chuseok!!!

Has everyone eaten their songpyeon?*
Yesterday, we got happily drenched opening the concert
Really thankful to those who came to see DBSK & CSJH The Grace sunbaes as well as SHINee, SNSD, SJ, SJ-M…

We will deliver our happy voices to everyone in China

Please anticipate our activities^^
Hope to spend Chuseok in Korea

*In Korea, songpyeon (if I’m not wrong) is sponge/rice cake which the Koreans eat during Chuseok..
Credits; www.ryeo-wook.com + superduperlove

Hehehe, the boys really did get drenched yesterday at the concert, and I appluad them for their professionalism of keeping up a happy face and performing their best for the fans in China ♥♥♥ Hope Wookie have a happy Chuseok as well, and I can’t wait for SJ-M to start promotions for ‘ME’!! SJ-M and Wookie Jia You! 🐱


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