080913 SM Town Live~ Shanghai {Performance List} ♥♥♥

1 ANGELS—-Sunday

2 Out of sight, out of mind—-Dana

3 Just For One Day—-CSJH with Kyuhyun

4 Too Good—-CSJH

5 Run It—-SHINee

6 Four Seasons—-SHINee

7 Real—-SHINee

8 I Will—-Jang Ri In

9 Mickey—-SNSD

10 Complete—-SNSD

11 Words That Can’t Be Spoken (?)—-SNSD


13 Love is—-DBSK

14 One love—-Junsu & Eunhyuk {KYAAAAA}

15 Charming 21st Century—-Yunho/Yoochun/Shindong/Donghae/Key

16 Duck Flies—-SMTOWN-ROCK!!-Changmin

17 Crazy—-SMTOWN-ROCK!!-Heechul

18 If—-Taeyeon

19 거위의꿈 (Swan’s Dream)—-Kyuhyun & Jonghyun

20 Scars Deeper than Love—-Jaejoong & Lina


21 The Second Winter—-Ryeowook/Onew/Yesung {@_@}

22 What U Want—-Stephanie

23 Pajama Party—-Super Junior-Happy

24 Our Love—-Super Junior

25 Song For You—-Super Junior

26 Under the Sea—-SMTown

27 Snow Dream—-SMTown

28 U—-Super Junior-M

29 ME—-Super Junior-M

30 Love Song—-Super Junior-M {I CAN’T WAIT!!!!}

31 TWINS—-Super Junior

32 Purple Line—-DBSK

33 Don”t Don—-Super Junior {SM is trying to kill us fangirls -.- would you just look at this line-up???}


35 -O-Jung Ban Hap—-DBSK

36 Thirst (A Man in Love)—-Super Junior

37 RISING SUN—-DBSK {and this also….would you give us a break to catch our breaths and our hearts?? XDD}

38 Love Like Oxygen—-SHINee

39 In My Room—-SHINee

40 You’re My Miracle—-DBSK

41 You”re My Endless Love—-Super Junior

42 Kissing U (rock ver.)—-SNSD

43 Catch the Shooting Star—-CSJH

44 Dancing Out (rock ver.)—-Super Junior {rock version?}

45 One More Try—-Jang Ri In {I WANT TO SEE!!!}

46 Love In the Ice—-DBSK

47 Noona, You’re So Pretty (Replay) —-SHINee

48 Dance In the Rain—-CSJH

49 The Club—-CSJH

50 One More Time, OK?—-CSJH

51 Special Segment :Dance Battle—-Donghae/Taemin/Yunho/Hyoyeon/Eunhyuk/Shindong/Junsu/Stephanie {OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!}


53 My Name—-BOA

54 Garden in the air—-BOA

55 Girls on Top—-BOA

56 Number One—-BOA

57 Smile—-Super Junior

58 Oasis—-DBSK

59 Hi Ya Ya Summer Day—-DBSK

60 Haengbok—-Super Junior

61 Wonder Boy—-Super Junior

62 Balloons—-DBSK

63 Show Me Your Love—-DBSK & Super Junior {w00t~~}

64 Hotmail—-SMTown

65 Red Sun—-SMTown

Super Junior: 26

DBSK: 20
Credits; DBSK Baidu Bar, translations by superduperlove (Omg, go and thank her for her awesomeness in colorcoding everything…what an amazingly patient person! ♥♥♥)


All I’ve got to say is that I’ve never wished so much that I could go back to China as I want to right now…..and almost to rub it in, we have the Homecoming Dance that day, but honestly, who cares about a silly school dance when SJ/DBSK/SHINee are performing live halfway across the world? ;;_;; XDDD Anyhow, Enjoy!!! I can’t wait to see fancams/pictures from this!!! SM Hwaiting 🐱


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  1. trueblue said

    ….hope there are lots of fancams..plz..z.z.z.!
    …..heechul will be there!!..thought he’s busy with Xanadu??..

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