080907 SJ-H Mini Concert Feat. Donghae as MC ♥♥♥

Honestly, I had no idea this was going on until I saw some pictures in Soompi o.o I wonder why it wasn’t mentioned anywhere ><” But I am so so so happy to see Donghae again!! Fishie looks so cute and refreshed and happy to be with his friends in Korea, he must have missed them when he was in China, and dawww…just look at the EunHae going on XDD Best friends FTW ^^~ Enjoy~

Oh, I almost forgot. Just to clarify something. SJ-H has officially stopped performing at shows such as Inkigayo or Mnet, but they are still performing at other events. So no worries, we’ll still be seeing a lot of SJ-H action ^o^ Supy Hwaiting~ ♥


080907 Donghae Performing Pajama Party with SJ-H

080907 SJ-H Mini Concert Eunhyuk Fancam- Sunny

080907 Donghae MC fancam + Eunhae Interaction


Ahhh, at the risk of sounding cheesy, Donghae….Fishie….Oppa, we missed you so much ;;_;; it’s so great to see you back with your friends, and here’s some long-awaited EunHae photos (of love) ♥♥♥


Don’t they look so happy? 🐱

All credited: soompi+youtube+as tagged


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