080907 SBS Inkigayo 500th Special~ Wonder Boys, SHINee, SJ-H ♥

Just a few words before I need to head off to do homework ><” Thank you to all the uploaders for the HQ videos ♥♥♥ the Wonder Boys performance was sooo cracktastic XDDDD Shindong lost so much weight @_@, Sungmin is an adorable princess, Taemin looks so kawaii, Seungri looks so boyish…and the 2AM guy is weird looking o.O Lol, I guess I’ll just have to get used to his looks, since he’s the only one new to me.
Love Like Oxygen performance was great, although I’m not really enjoying 2Min (Taemin+Minho)’s pants ^^; I can’t tell if they are blotches or light shining off of them, but never the less, in my opinion black pants work best ^^ and SJH….I’ll miss seeing you guys in performance ;;_;; it’s been just a fun and cracky promotional period, but hopefully this means that all of SJ will be coming together soon for something with all 13 + 2 of them ♥♥♥♥

080907 Inkigayo 500th Special Stage~ Wonderboys {So Hot, Girl’s Generation}

Download Link~
Sendspace (HQ, 142MB)
credits: 2woon.com + sjfullhouse.net

080907 Inkigayo Super Junior Happy- Pajama Party

Download Link~
Sendspace (HQ, 98 MB)
credits: 2woon.com + sjfullhouse.net

080907 Inkigayo SHINee~ Love is Like Oxygen

Download Link~
Mediafire- 001, 002, 003 (join files with hj-split) HQ, 217 MB, 800×460

Megaupload (HQ, 36 MB, Smaller Screen)

Big Thanks: Tweety@shinee-ing
reupload: achel ll sanbi ll tacit @ SHINee Forums

Here’s a few more performances by other idols that I’m not very familiar with, maybe you do and will enjoy the performances ^^~

oh, and here’s the DBSK 4th album teaser, which is basically nothing TT_TT they didn’t show anything new….but I guess that means we’ll just have to wait for the actual thing to come out 🐱 (trust me, I’m a little more disappointed than I sound, but there’s nothing we can do about it, so let’s not dwell on it XDD )

SNSD- Shinhwa {Top}

FT Island- After Love

Kara and Hyori Special Stage- U Go Girl

ENJOY~~ XDDD (and ROFL, lookie at the tags XDDD)


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