DBSK 4th Korean Album Promotional Photo + 35 Sec. Preview~


♥ For a HQ version of the picture, click here

♥ To listen to a 35 second preview of the album, click HERE (Tudou Link)
Credit: Soompi

Wooo, Hot Hot Hot XDDD that’s really quite an image to put out for all the fans as a promotional picture for the 4th album, the boys are maturing, and I love it ^^ There has been quite a few flaming the boys about being vulgar and whatnot, but honestly, they are over 20 and adults -.- They are wearing pants, and with the black sashes, you can’t even see much. Honestly, it’s not like we’ve never seen their chests, right? =.= I can’t even count the times DBSK stripped in live concerts, so it really shouldn’t be like, “OMG, THEY ARE NAKED!!1111” Along with DBSK, I hope DBSK fans can also mature a bit (no offense meant to anyone) 🐱

Micky, what is that on your head? XDDD You look like a Middle-Eastern woman with a head-covering XDD I adore Junsu’s vest, not showing as much skin almost makes it more sexy XDD Jaejoong, Yunho, and Max’s poses are so hot, I love the beads on their chest so much <333 It has such an exotic feel to it, don’t you think? 😀 I can’t wait for the 4th album release, which is going to be on September 24th. Also, their 24th Japanese single will be release on October 4th , and DBSK’s 2009 Calendar preview/preorder is also out~


Expected release date: October 11, 2008. Preorder Now!
~CDJapan Price: 2286yen (2400yen Tax incl.)
~HMV JapanPrice: 2400yen

Doesn’t the boys look hawt or what? XDD The horse is so lucky to be posing with DBSK….and I can’t believe I just admitted I’m jealous of a horse XDDDD”’ Anyhow, with so much coming out very soon for DBSK, I have such great hopes for our boys ^^ DBSK/TVXQ Hwaiting!!!! 🐱 ♥♥♥♥♥



  1. lina said

    how much is the korean album D:

  2. kity said

    i simply love the cover for the 4th korean album XOXO

  3. yanii said

    good look! can’t wait to hear the album! very much anticipated XD

  4. ss said

    it’s hottness~~!

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