080904 M!Countdown Special Stage SHINee & SJ-H {Miracle} + SHINee Live {Love Like Oxygen} ♥


Video Links~
080904 M!net Countdown : SHINee & Super Junior – Miracle (HQ)
Download Link (HQ, 129 MB, 3:05 Min)
~ Megaupload
~ Sendspace
~ Mediafire: 001, 002

080904 M!net Countdown : SHINee – Love like oxygen (HQ)
Download Link (HQ, 119 MB, 2:12 Min)
~ Megaupload
~ Sendspace

Credit: Randy @ soompi + youtube +SHINee-ing + SHINee Forums
reupload: achel + tacit (zara) + faithstar (weiqi)

Awwwww, SHINee and SJ-H performed “Miracle” today on M!net Countdown XDDD <3333 This is a must watch, sooo sweet and cute ^^ That group hug with SHINee at the beginning melted my heart, they were all like, smushing Taemin in the middle, and Taemin sang the opening line of Miracle ^^~ The during the middle of the song, SJ-H came on stage, and they all linked arms, and were dancing together XDD Kawaii 🐱 I really loved how SHINee sang Miracle, their voices are so suited for such a fun and bubbly song, and their dancing was so amazing as well XDD

And of course, SHINee performed “You’re Like Oxygen” 😀 I can never get tired of seeing that song performed, the whole singing/dancing is just too awesome ^o^ Their lives always sound the same as the CD version, SHINee is so talented @_@ Here are some pictures taken during the performance, enjoy ^^ SHINee Hwaiting~

Source ; jknews.co.kr
Reupload ; tinkerbellola
Credit ; SHINee Forum



  1. Sharon said

    For some reason they remind me of TVXQ in those clothes O.o;
    I hope their fanbase will grow big too ^^

  2. raqs said

    tnxee poh s download links…
    teehee! ^_^

  3. ultranguik said

    dongsaeng-sunbae love ^^ who wouldnt wanna group hug taemin?
    i wanna pet his shiny hair too
    i agree on the cd-like like, their vocal is awesome, esp when the dance is complicated i wonder how jonghyun can keep his voice stable like that

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  5. noriko said

    taking miracle performance for sure..

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