080830 Leeteuk Cyworld Photo Entry~ For Dream ♥

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2008.08.30 21:32
Title: ..FOR DREAM..


Translation of Text on Picture~

꿈: Dream
현실: Reality

(One) should put reality into (his) dreams, or put (his) dreams into reality
Isn’t this decision contradictory….
Moreover, those people who do not understand this decision have their own confidence right….
Do not do as you wish and come to a conclusion that those who dream have drifted apart from reality….
There are still many people who are living warmly and intensively in their own reality and working hard for their dreams….


Translation of Leeteuk Photo Entry~

Since I was young..I once dreamt of..a dream that would turn into this…

Dream…Something that I wish for year by year as I grow older ..Dream..

Even if it’s only once..

I asked myself..Why did I want to do this?..It seems like I never once regretted it at all..

Everyday, everyday, even if I’m extremely tired..I am still very happy…

Happy..The only happiness in my life….

Giving an insignificant me huge wings…Giving me happiness…

But sometimes..Only sometimes..

When I’m halfway sleeping and I open my eyes..I feel like I am dreaming..

All those happiness, are they all a dream..Scaring myself by thinking this way..

Being humble like I am now..Working extremely hard..I always feel insecure..

Will I be able to smile happily just like this in the future?…

Men live in memories and anticipation..And it seems like it’s correct..

Beautiful memories…Happy memories..Creating them this way and walking towards the future..

(You) Shouldn’t use your brain..but your diligence..

To go feel…

Translated by superduperlove Thankie ^^
Credits: OnlySJ13

Awww…Teukkie Oppa sounds troubled 😦 Leeteuk always seems to have a more philosophy side than the other members, his updates are usually much deeper than the others (although the only one that frequently updates as well is Heenim, and so that doesn’t count XDDDDDDD ) Leeteuk Oppa Hwaiting, May his troubles and worries disappear soon 🐱


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