080828 SHINee Mnet M!Countdown Comeback Stage + SHINee World (Full Version)

Credit: misterkrabspatties

SHINee performed “SHINee World” and “You’re Like Oxygen” at Mnet M!Countdown Comeback stage yesterday, with amazing success ^^ If I am not mistaken, this is the first time “SHINee World” has been performed in full. That song rocks so much ^^~ (I have to say, the line “SHINee make love right now” makes me kind of uncomfortable =.= the poor kids, do they know what that means? XDDD;;) I LOVE MINHO’S RAP!! that kid doesn’t get enough credit for all his hard work ^^ The introduction of each of the members was kind of funny, they spelled leader’s name wrong -.- But “You’re Like Oxygen was soooooo amazing!!!!!!! they were so professional with moving around the chairs, so smooth and non-noticable XDDD What an amazing comeback, SHINee Hwaiting! 🐱


HQ version (235 MB) of this performance (Download)~

Mediafire- Part 1, Part 2,Part 3


credits: SHINee-ing + SHINee Forums
reup: tacit

Listen to the full version of SHINee World HERE. I’ll upload the mp3 once I get home XDDD I love this so sooo freaking much <3333



  1. rukiaichigo said

    taking it. thank you so much for sharing!!
    but when i want to join from the MF link, it doesn’t work -.-
    i’m not sure what the problem is!! but i’ll try to download with SS link later!!

  2. Nataliee said

    thank you so much, downloading it now ^^

  3. karin said

    thanks. =)

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