080825 SHINee – You’re Like Oxygen (Love Like Oxygen) ♥

Credit: foreverneverx3@youtube


THAT WAS SO AMAZING!!!!! We get a longer version of their preview, when SHINee walks through all those colored rooms……looking so gorgeous ^^ I ADORE the stage they perform on, the light colors in the back looks great XD and ohhhh, Taemin…..close-ups of Magnae is not good for our hearts, not helping the pedo/noona problem AT ALL >< XDD” Styled hair on Taemin just look so awesome, in both the preview clips and the actual MV @_@ and the hat adds such an adorable touch to the already adorable Taemin ♥ Also, it’s just great for Taemin to have more singing parts, his vocal abilities are really over-looked, in my opinion ^^ The flip thing they do with their shirt-tails is sooooo cute 🐱 Enjoy spazzing over SHINee and their new MV, 28th (album release date!!!!) can’t come soon enough 😀 SHINee Hwaiting!!!!!! ♥


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