080824 Ryeowook Fancafe Update~ China + Olympics ♥

Ryeowook’s Fancafe Message 2008.08.24

Title: The Successful Olympics

In this hot and stuffy summer SJ-M is in! China!
The Olympics, (with) 13 Gold medals, 10 Silver medals (and) 8 Bronze medals, have ended with such a worthy success.
Today, while (we) were awaiting our activity, I watched the basketball match between Spain and the USA.
Watching it with interest, I felt that “(Why is) This ending so fast?”
(Isn’t) Everyone just like me, don’t you wish that Korea was able to hold the Olympics once again?
It is very fortunate that the (Olympics) ended without any mishap, athletes, you’ve worked hard~~~

P.S Everyone must eat lots of watermelon (I like it most)

Translated by superduperlove
Credits; http://www.ryeo-wook.com

Kawaii Wookie, it’s great to hear from you again!! ^^ 😀 Yes, China can be very hot and stuffy in the summer, but Fall is coming, and it gets much more comfortable ^^~ It is very fortunate that the Olympics happened without any big mishaps, and yes, the athelets have worked extremely hard, and so has SJ-M XDD Watermelon is delicious, yum yum 😀 Also very good for the heat, so yes, everyone do eat a lot of watermelons, because wookie has commanded so 🐱 Ryeowook and SJ-M Jia You!

(13 Gold Medals Korea won….13 members in Super Junior……♥)


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