080823 Mnet 20’s Choice~ Big Bang: Haru Haru & Oh My Friend

Credit: 230님@VIPZ + bigbangkorean


Congratulations to Big Bang on winning the Hot Tread Musician Award!!!!! The boys really deserve it, what an awesome performance XDDD The convertibles looked really cool in the beginning, and I can’t believe SeungRi went and just grabbed the camera! XDDD


G-Dragon’s shirt, which he wore to the performance on the 23nd, caused quite a controversy with the netizens, with the logos printed on the shirt. Some are applauding him for his courage to wear what he likes, while others are criticizing him for taking it a little too far with the sexual innuendos.

In my opinion, it was just a little shocking…? since we’ve never seen anything of that sort from him XD but I guess from the fashion style perspective and the maturity perspective, it somehow fits. I just found it funny that he had enough courage to wear that, there’s also a print on it that says “fear the queer” XDDDDD I wonder if he actually understand what he’s wearing…..? XDD;;

Regardless of wardrobe, it was an amazing performance by Big Bang, and like all controversies and rumors, it will die down within a few days ^^ Big Bang Hwaiting 🐱

Pictures from the performance ^^

credit: my daily \ newsen \ photoro \ starnews \ yahoo \ bigbangkorean
Taken from: DOLCEVITA님.Bigroom@VIPZ


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