080819 SHINee CLRIDE Photoshoot ♥

Credit: shineesubs@youtube

Kyaaaa, it’s the SHINee boys, featured once again in an amazing photoshoot, and this time with a girl!! XDDDD Noona neomu yeppeo ^^ I love Taemin’s outfit the most, the sapphire blue hoodie suits him so well, in my opinion. However, the orange hat seems to collide with the color a bit ^^; The other members look stunning as well, as always XD It’s just that overalls are not my favorite wardrobe, but I have weird tastes, so don’t mind me XDDDD

Credit: Soompi

Totally off-topic, but it’s a new picture from SHINee, and one you’ve got to see….


Credit: Soompi



Why does Taemin look so hawt? ;;_;; Totally Heechul-kind of cool, don’t you see the resemblence??? XDDDD Not to mention the rest of the boys, the new haircuts are just SO MUCH LOVE ♥_♥ I think I’m going to stop before I embarrasse myself with more pedo-ing -.- I seriously, SERIOUSLY can’t WAIT for their new album (give us a date already!! XD) SHINee Hwaiting 🐱


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  1. yumimaki said

    Thank you for the pictures! Those boys are seriously too flimsin’ adorable!

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