080818 Big Bang ELLE TV Photoshoot {Scans + Videos} ♥


HQ Scans ♥

Video Link ♥

ELLE TV: G-Dragon during Big Bang’s Photoshoot

ELLE TV: TaeYang during Big Bang’s Photoshoot

ELLE TV: TOP during Big Bang’s Photoshoot

ELLE TV: DaeSung during Big Bang’s Photoshoot

ELLE TV: SeungRi during Big Bang’s Photoshoot

Enjoy HQ Big Bang Hotness, goodness these boys have matured XDD I am really happy to get a very clear view of G-Dragon’s tattoo “….too young to die” Does anyone know if it’s a real tattoo or not? It honestly seems rather depressing to have that etched on your skin forever XDD I personally think DaeSung looks really good in this photoshoot, I adore the hairstyle on him, and the butterfly adds a exotic touch ^^ Although, all of them looks amazing in this, Daesung just looks especially good to me XDDDDD

Oh, happy belated birthday to G-Dragon!!! May Big Bang’s leader always be there to guide his members and share his talents and adorableness with us fans 🐱 Also, happy 2nd year Anniversary to Big Bang!!!!!! I’ve only recently been sucked into this (yet another) fandom, but I can’t help but be amazed at how far this group as come in just two years, in terms of singing, dancing, bonding, and popularity ^^ May the next year be even more successful for you! Big Bang Hwaiting ♥♥♥♥♥

Credit: BabyBongaholic@youtube+Soompi



  1. jenny said

    mmm tae yang looks yum XDDD

  2. Jeiwon said

    Love BigBang forever and ever…
    Even though there many people that doesn’t like GD’s hairstyle now…
    But GD is still charm for me always. Because this controversial hair, many people mocking GD and say “ewwwww” but GD is still the same person that I admiring and addicting on.
    So, now I tell to you(GD’s enemies), you cannot judge GD just because his hair now.
    But think to the reality, YG Ent. will not permit GD to cut his hair like that, if GD sure his hair will make the difference for the Korean K-Pop Music, cause GD you very precious!!!!!!

    Nuhl saranghae..

  3. Ili said

    yeah, its a real tattoo~
    “too fast to live too young to die”

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