080816 Ryeowook Fancafe Message Update~

Ryeowook’s Fancafe Message 2008.08.16

Title: SMTown Concert Ryeowook^^

Wa~~~ Many people really came~~~~~~
(We) practiced and thought a lot for the SMTown concert~~
But still, we didn’t know what will become of it~

It was really good looking at E.L.F bring their happy selves~~

This was a relatively longer concert..

To those who have always been taking close notice of our SM family~

Really, thank you very much~

(I’d) Also like to thank those how have been cheering for Ryeowook~

(I’d) Like to do better through this concert!
I’ve thought about it a lot~ Etc Etc

And at the same time, thought over matters of the stage

Won’t you always remember the times we cried and laughed together in the rain?

Bringing a little breeze to the Chinese summer~~

Waiting for Autumn to come.

Come to Korea~~

Please miss Super Junior’s Ryeowook lots~~

I love you all…. ♥

Translated by superduperlove ^^~
Credits; TR天籁之音-金厉旭中国后援会

Aww….Wookie’s so cute >w< XDDD Magnae always does the sweetest things to say XD I’m really excited to hear that SJ-M is heading back to China, I hope the new MV will be released soon!! ^^~ SJ-M and Ryeowook Hwaiting 🐱


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