080816 Big Bang~ MBC Music Core Comeback {Haru Haru} ♥

Credit: jelei2003@youtube


Even more amazing than the SBS performance, if that’s EVEN POSSIBLE. The whole song was just BRIMMING WITH AWESOMENESS!!!! Partly because this song is just so awesome to begin with, and when you have the BB boys performing this live……….. @_@

I usually don’t like pointing out mistakes or whatnot, but I thought this was really cute XDD At around 0:53, G-Dragon’s wrist wrap fell apart and flew off, but like the professional G-D is, he didn’t miss a beat and kept on going. Then at 1:22, he gave it an almost-contemptuous kick, almost to say ‘You don’t like me? I don’t like you either’ XDDDDD Honestly, I think he was just being considerate, kicking it out of the way so that other members would not trip over it and hurt themselves, but it was really cute to see (or maybe I’m just really weird and you can skip over this paragraph) ^^

Here’s another link with Haru Haru performance, Oh My Friend performance, and Interview with the Big Bang boys ^^ Congratulations to BB on another successful and wonderful performance of Haru Haru. Big Bang Hwaiting 🐱 ♥


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