080815 SM Town Concert 2008 Part 2~ SHINee ♥♥♥



[SM Concert ] PART 1

03. <Haruman (Just for One Day)> CSJH & Cho Kyuhyun
06. <Just two of us> Chu Gayeol & Lee Sungmin (guitar&singing)
<Xanadu – promotional video>
14. <Suddenly> Kangin & Kim Heechul (Musical Xanadu)
15. <Don’t walk away> Kangin & Kim Heechul (Musical Xanadu)
20. <One love> Eunhyuk & Junsu
21. <RAPPERS PERFORMANCE> Yunho, Yoochun, Shindong, Donghae, Key
<Super Junior Rock video>
22(?). <Michyuh> Kim Heechul (vocals) Lee Sungmin (guitar) Choi Siwon (drums)
27. <Guhwiui Kkoom> Cho Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun & Song Kwangshik (piano)
29. <Doobuhnjjae Gyuhwool> Kim Ryeowook, Onew, (Yesung)
[Super Junior T did not perform]
33. <Woorideurui Sarang (Our Love)> Super Junior
34. <Midnight Fantasy> Super Junior
<MENT: Super Junior fanmeeting>
35. <Aju muht yetnal (Song For You)> Super Junior
36. <Under the sea> SM TOWN
37. <Snow dream> SM TOWN

[SM Concert ] PART 2

01. <Twins (Knock Out)> Super Junior
04. <Don’t Don> Super Junior
07. <Kaljeung> Super Junior
12. <Marhajamyuhn (You’re my endless love)> Super Junior
15. <Dancing Out> Super Junior
26. <DANCE BATTLE> Yunho, Junsu, Eunhyuk, Han Geng, Donghae (1st to perform), Shindong (<You go girl>), Taemin, Stephanie, Hyoyeon
<DBSK & Super Junior video>
31. <Smile> Super Junior
34. <Haengbok> Super Junior
35. <Wonder Boy> Super Junior
37. <show me your love> DBSK & Super Junior
38. <Summer vacation> SM TOWN
39. <Hotmail> SM TOWN
40. <Taeyangeun Gadeukhee> SM TOWN

First of all, congratulations to the SHINee boys on their first successful SM Town concert, welcome to the family XDDD I am…very very biased, but can I just say HOW FREAKING AMAZING Taemin looks with styled hair? @_@ AHHH, it should be illegal for 15 year olds to look that hawt and cute and adorable, it’s not good for noonas’ hearts, you know? XDDD

Oh, and did I mention he ripped his shirt off during the Dance Battle performance?




Fancam (Youtube) Here

Unfortunately, he had an undershirt on underneath his t-shirt, but oh….my…….god @_@ Taemin really really really really should not tease his fans like that, some of us feel kind of bad pedo-ing over a 15 year old, but I CAN’T HELP IT ;;_;;


Ok, anyhow XD Taemin looks so sweet with the new hair, kawaii magnae~~ ♥ SHINee performed their famous Run It dance as their opening, this one an even longer version than the first performance on SBS. Very clear fancam, must watch <333 Oh, and the fans were so lucky to hear SHINee perform the feature song in their upcoming new album, “You’re Like Oxygen”. Such a catchy song, I can’t wait for their album to come out =^o^=

I love how members of SHINee was able to perform with their Hyungs, in dance battles, rapper performances, or just group performances with members of other groups. It showed that they are talented enough and able to dance and sing with others that have done this longer than they have, and also to gain some more glory through other more well-known members 🐱

Here are some more fancams for your enjoyment. All of them are quite nice and clear ^^~ Enjoy 😀

~SM Concert 두번째 겨울 Onew+Yesung+Ryeowook
~SM Concert You’re Like Oxygen
~SM Concert Rap Battle Key Cam

For a ZIP file of 32 pictures (Like with SJ’s, I know there are more, but I just picked out the ones that I thought was best quality), click HERE. Enjoy the thumbs~

Credit: Soompi

DBSK….One more part to go ^^



  1. ZAZIZA said

    i dont understand…the list is for what?? summary of the performance?
    i hope u dont mind to explain..
    sorry, if this comment hurt you..this the best english i can write..hehehe..

  2. renzu said

    Wuaaa ><

    Uh…I can’t wait for their 1st album, and also their “u’re like oxygen” performance (I mean the HQ one).

    anw…thx for sharing ^o^

  3. lovemelodies said

    You are very welcome ^^ We’ll upload the album/performance as soon as the official one comes out. SHINee Hwaiting 😀

  4. lovemelodies said

    The list on top is the order and the songs that were performed in SM Town Concert. The post is basically a summary/spazzing of the authors XDDD Your english is fine ^^

  5. twilightprincess89 said

    where can i DL the full sm town concert btw?^^ *curious*

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