080815 SM Town Concert 2008 Part 1~ Super Junior ♥♥♥



[SM Concert ] PART 1

03. <Haruman (Just for One Day)> CSJH & Cho Kyuhyun
06. <Just two of us> Chu Gayeol & Lee Sungmin (guitar&singing)
<Xanadu – promotional video>
14. <Suddenly> Kangin & Kim Heechul (Musical Xanadu)
15. <Don’t walk away> Kangin & Kim Heechul (Musical Xanadu)
20. <One love> Eunhyuk & Junsu
21. <RAPPERS PERFORMANCE> Yunho, Yoochun, Shindong, Donghae, Key
<Super Junior Rock video>
22(?). <Michyuh> Kim Heechul (vocals) Lee Sungmin (guitar) Choi Siwon (drums)
27. <Guhwiui Kkoom> Cho Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun & Song Kwangshik (piano)
29. <Doobuhnjjae Gyuhwool> Kim Ryeowook, Onew, (Yesung)
[Super Junior T did not perform]
33. <Woorideurui Sarang (Our Love)> Super Junior
34. <Midnight Fantasy> Super Junior
<MENT: Super Junior fanmeeting>
35. <Aju muht yetnal (Song For You)> Super Junior
36. <Under the sea> SM TOWN
37. <Snow dream> SM TOWN

[SM Concert ] PART 2

01. <Twins (Knock Out)> Super Junior
04. <Don’t Don> Super Junior
07. <Kaljeung> Super Junior
12. <Marhajamyuhn (You’re my endless love)> Super Junior
15. <Dancing Out> Super Junior
26. <DANCE BATTLE> Yunho, Junsu, Eunhyuk, Han Geng, Donghae (1st to perform), Shindong (<You go girl>), Taemin, Stephanie, Hyoyeon
<DBSK & Super Junior video>
31. <Smile> Super Junior
34. <Haengbok> Super Junior
35. <Wonder Boy> Super Junior
37. <show me your love> DBSK & Super Junior
38. <Summer vacation> SM TOWN
39. <Hotmail> SM TOWN
40. <Taeyangeun Gadeukhee> SM TOWN

Credits. 천휘룡&Gaia(La’MISS:fairy)@Soompi

First of all, just look at how big the SM family is XDDD There are so many groups in SM right now, SJ, DBSK, SNSD, SHINee, just to name a few XDDD Let’s start with Super Junior first ^^~


I’m VERY happy to say that ALL THIRTEEN made it, even Kibum 😀 and Henry even made a special appearance during Don’t Don *SQUEAL* ^^ Super Junior performed several well known favorites, including Don’t Don, A Man In Love, One Love (homg, Eunhyuk and Junsu performed this TOGETHER~!!!!!!!!!!! Friend!performance FTW ^^~) SJ-H also performed their famous “Pajama Party” song, looking cute and dorky as always 😀

Heechul surprised many of the fans, including me, by cutting his hair short o.O I can’t say this is my favorite hairstyle ever, since I do love Heenim with long hair and looking pretty, but this bob-cut is so cute on Cinderella XDDD Heechul and Kangin apparently performed two of their songs from their upcoming musical Xanadu 🐱

Apparently, Suju celebrated Kibum‘s birthday today on stage, lighting up a cake for him and everything ^^ I thought that was very sweet of the other members, taking this chance that they are all together to celebrate Kibummie’s B-day, which is coming up on the 21nd. Unfortunately, due to Kibum’s acting schedule, he’s unable to participate in SJ activities as much as he used to, but please, stop spreading the rumor that Kibum’s leaving SJ =.= because HE’S NOT, until we hear from an official source like SM, which I hope will never happen, which is unrealistic XD but until that day, let me dream on…=^-^=

For a ZIP of 37 (there are more, of course. I handpicked the ones I thought was the best quality) SJ pictures, click HERE
Credit: superjuniorlovers+as tagged+soompi

For individual pictures, here’s a list of links for each of the members (I’m sorry I don’t have ZIPs of individuals, there are seriously just tooooo many members XDD unfortunately, there aren’t any individuals of Wookie ;;_;; whyyyyy……..)

~Leeteuk, ~Heechul, ~Hangeng, ~Yesung,
~Kangin, ~Shindong, ~Sungmin, ~Eunhyuk
~Donghae, ~Siwon, ~Kibum, ~Kyuhyun

Super Junior once again did SM and fans proud, not only showing that they are amazing performers, dancers, singers, but that they are amazing friends with each other as well. There will be many more performances and many more concerts, but honestly, at the end of the day, their friendship is what really matters 🐱 Super Junior Hwaiting ♥♥♥

Two more parts to go…. SHINee and DBSK coming up ^-^



  1. rawrcarebear said

    (psstt.. what’s a MENT?)
    O_O they sang so many songs!
    I bet the guys had so much fun ^-^
    but I hope they rest well afterwards.
    ~ a happy early birthday to KIBUM! ♥
    ALL 13 present?! ♥♥♥
    SUJU~~~ ♥♥♥

  2. lovemelodies said

    I believe that MENT is a section where the artists just talk and interact with the fans, but I am not 100% certain XD The fans are soooooo lucky to see all of them together ^^ Happy Birthday Kibum!!!!

  3. usaFangrrl said

    “Ment” is short for “comment”, it is where they talk to the audience.

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