SHINee – The First Album 산소같은너 Preview ♥

Credit: MaybeThatsMeant2B@youtube


HOMG, NEW HAIRSTYLE FOR TAEMIN!!!!!! LET’S CELEBRATE!!!!! ^^~ Seriously, such a cute and adorable and hawt guy does NOT deserve a bowl-cut XDD All the other members look great also ❤ Interestingly, the Korean in the album title translates to “You’re like oxygen” (thank you spiderliliez), so like “I need you as much as I need oxygen”? o.O Oh, and I have to mention the background music, it’s really creppy, but then you have these hawt boys walking up to you in rooms full of colorful circles and glitter…….O.O Conflicting message, no? XDDDDDDD Ahhh, can’t wait for the album to come out now, SHINee hwaiting 🐱


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