080811 Mnet News: Making of Pajama Party MV + 080811 Teukkie Cyworld Update~

Credit: 13Sanbummie@youtube

So adorable/cracky/cute/sweet/fun ^^ I think my favorite part is the pillow fight, I wonder if it was meant for the pillow to explode and cover everyone with feathers, but that’s ok, because the effects were great XDDDDD Also feel free to fangirl and spazz over the GIFs below if you are not able to view the video at the moment. The last two GIFs are overdosed with cuteness, I just want to go up and give them a big cuddle XDDD Sungmin REALLY is the king of aegyo 🐱

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Credit: Soompi

[LEETEUK] Cyworld



National champions fighting!

Original Source & credits. 박정수&Gaia

In the spirit of the Olympics, how sweet of Teukkie ^^~ Athletes fighting! 🐱


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